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April 29th, 2011

Get Your FREE Credit Score & FREE Credit Report

FREE Credit Score

FREE Credit Score

Get Your FREE Credit Score & Credit Report Without Charge Or Obligation And A Financial Review at Your Request.

A few days ago I went to the bank to make a deposit and while at the drive-thru the bank teller asked me if I was interested in receiving my FREE Credit Score and Free Credit Report. I was listening to see if there was a catch, like a automatic monthly subscription enrollment that you would have to cancel if you didn’t want a subscription. I noticed that banks are following a trending practice many companies are doing by training their customer service associates to suggest other products at the point of sale. In the fast food industry this would be called an upsell, “Do you want fries or an apple pie with that? The bank teller further explained that the FREE Credit Score was a special they were offering this month and next month. She said that I could either come inside to start the process or initiate it online. She sent me a flyer with an access code and off I went as I proceeded with my day.

Now I am pretty informed when it comes to my credit. I monitor it several times per year. I just ordered a copy last month. I haven’t used my flyer yet to order another report. The flyer says that I have until May 15th to use it. I will probably wait until near that time to use it to order my FREE Credit Score and FREE Credit Report.

Now if you would like to take advantage of this Credit Score special, you either have to have a bank account at Wells Fargo or open one at Wells Fargo. If you do not bank at Wells Fargo then you may also want to check with your existing bank to see what they offer or if they will match the special Wells Fargo is promoting. If not then the best place online to get your credit score is here. Now you can goto if you want to order a free credit report only. They will give you one per year but it will not include the score so to me that is useless. You need to know your score.

Once You Get Your FREE Credit Score then what?

Do you have a Credit Mindset? A credit mindset is a program I discovered online that can help improve your credit so that you can have a better way of life. Check it out here. Once you know your score then you can work to improve it. If you need Legal Credit Repair information, I am working on a few resources to share with you that will be coming soon.

To Your Success  –Aislee

Good Luck Requesting Your FREE Credit Score & Credit Report or Click Here Now to Get your score online.

April 29th, 2011

Get Your Home Off the Market and Have the Money in Your Pocket, Today:sell your home

Sell your home
Sell your home

Sell your home and put money in your pocket

If you think buying a home is difficult, then you should try selling one. With so much more sellers than buyers, you can expect to spend ten times more the energy, effort, and time before you can see any results.  And oftentimes, selling a home can be quite emotional, whether you’re moving to another city, or you inherited an old house, or maybe you are facing foreclosure, you may be sad saying goodbye to precious memories, or you’re just deeply frustrated because no one is buying your home.

You are not alone. The housing market has been experiencing a great downturn and if you’re in a rush to sell your home, then its highly likely that you will need to either get a realtor, which is not really a guarantee that you’re going to sell your home immediately, or you might be forced to take a huge cut in the purchase price if you sell on your own. Either way, you’re going to get screwed. You have another choice though; you can sell your home to an investor.

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In our economy today, the fastest way of turning any real estate into cash is by doing business with an investor. Some may think that this can just be the same as selling the house yourself, well, yes and no. If you take the owner selling approach, you may find that you will have to deal with numerous people inspecting the insides and outsides of your home before you can even find someone that will show any interest. There will be lots of demands, complaints, inquires, and rejections over and over again.

Plus, you have to deal with numerous paper works. If you don’t have any knowledge about transferring ownership, filing the necessary applications, and all other requirements, you may end up losing even more time, and worse, money. You will also have to deal with banks and other financial institutions, which will entail more time for credit investigations, loan approvals, and finally the release of funds. This goes the same with a realtor.

Most of the time, realtors are just go-betweens, sales men, and representatives which do not have absolute authority to close a deal. Any discussion should meet the approval of the buyer and seller and this can cost more time. And because they are working for you, you will have to pay them commission, meaning less money for your pocket. And what if the buyer demands some improvement on the property, then you will have to incur more costs. And when realtors see that you are in a rush, they may have to charge you more or ask you to lower your price significantly to be able to sell your house faster.

If you deal with real estate investors you do away with all these dilemmas. They buy your house as is, meaning they won’t oblige you to make improvements or repairs before they purchase your home, you don’t have to deal with countless prospective buyers, leaving you more time for your other affairs, you have certainty of closing the sale, they do all the paperwork, you get fair and good deals in flexible offers beneficial to both buyer and seller, and most of all, you will get to sell your house in no time at all.


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April 25th, 2011

The Fixer Upper Aspect of the Real Property Investment Market

fixer upper

fixer upper real estate

The Fixer Upper Real Estate Investing Market

Real estate analysts have reported that since real estate became a major player in the business industry, it has achieved a steady climb in value and even though there may be some times where investors may feel the crunch of a down swirling market, it has almost always immediately bounced back. In the past years though, the market revival wasn’t as fast or immediate, in fact, it is only now, after three years of a straight downward plunge, that the real estate industry is beginning to see a light, albeit at a snail’s pace. In those three long agonizing years, where sellers far out number buyers, real estate investors found their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with Fixer Uppers.

Fixer uppers have long been an aspect of real estate, it is a profitable real estate venture given the right circumstances. Basically, a Fixer Upper is a real estate that is in a distressed condition whereas demanding certain repairs, upgrades, redesigns, reconstruction, and any other types of work to make it not only aesthetically appealing, but also very appealing to a prospective home buyer in both form and function.

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It has recently grown in popularity with real estate investors as fixer uppers usually are not able to command a high price tag. And with little expenses and costs for the required work or construction, they can then resell the home for a profit while still keeping it at a price range that low end home buyers, especially in these times, can afford. Typically, it is only above ten to fifteen percent maximum at the median price range of the value for homes in similar areas and characteristics.

Not all Fixer Upper homes though are potential profit makers. Some factors that surround the home can have an adverse effect on the price and the ability to sell the home immediately. This will include the type of neighborhood the home is situated in, the condition of the real state around it, the extent of damage and the cost for fixing it up, the accessibility of schools, safe transportation, and even the history of the home as few examples.

When you have made a short compilation of the possible fixer uppers to buy, create a Comparative Market Analysis. This will give you a clear picture of the value of the home and how much you may want to negotiate. Don’t forget to factor in the possible costs you may incur to fix the house up, as well as the best possible price that you may get for it when you sell it. Remember your basics, buy low, sell high.

Don’t over fix. Keep with the basics. You don’t have to add an extra room, a patio, or a game room. The less you spend, the lower you will need to demand for it from a buyer. Just make sure that it is very livable and comfortable. For a low price, the new buyer will just do the custom additions, which may also save them some money.

Just remember, do your research well. Leave the fixing project to the experts and concentrate more on the numbers and most especially your market.


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April 16th, 2011

Aislee and Sa’Ronna Caught on Tape Robbing A Casino – Become Wealthy

Aislee and Sa’Ronna – “If You Want To Become Wealthy, You Must Break The Law”

I thought I’d share this video that Sa’Ronna and I created a while back on our journey to help our family become wealthy. Enjoy!!

I once heard that If you want to become wealthy, you must break the law.

I know that statement is very controversial, but its true. When I first heard that statement, I was curious as to what the statement was all about. I knew there had to be a catch. Well, you can review the FREE Report, “If You Want To Get Wealthy, You Must Break The Law” as my gift to you for visiting me on your journey of wealth building. If you don’t read this report and/or practice breaking this law, you will struggle in life. Breaking this law is a fundamental principle to become wealthy, I guarantee it. I also guarantee that your life will be forever changed financially after you read this report.

After you read this revealing report on how to become wealthy let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

become wealthy

Aislee & Sa'Ronna

April 16th, 2011

“If you want to get Wealthy You Must Break The Law” FREE Download

“If you want to get Wealthy You Must Break The Law” FREE Report

April 16th, 2011

Real Estate Market Analysis – The Business Market Analysis Aspect of Real Estate

Real Estate Market Analysis – How To Analyze Real Estate

Real Estate Market Analysis

FREE Comparative Real Estate Market Analysis

To be successful in real estate investment, you need to be able to know beforehand whether a property will be profitable for you. Although you may not be able to provide a 100 percent guarantee of profitability with any investment that you make, accumulating all the data that you can get will be able to give you a high level of confidence in deciding whether a real estate will be a money maker. Seasoned and knowledgeable businessmen and investors never discuss a deal blindly. They come prepared with facts and figures provided by reputable sources, like government data.

It is a common practice for any self-respecting businessman or company to be able to do a thorough research and analysis of the market that they are invested in, and in the business world this is called market analysis. And for the real estate market, a similar process is also done and is called Comparative Market Analysis or CMA.

The Comparative Real Estate Market Analysis is an indispensable tool real estate investors and professionals whether they are dealing with a seller or a buyer. Why? Because a Comparative Real Estate Market Analysis is your prime basis for determining the true value of a property and this will help them look at the listing price and negotiate properly. They can then determine a value that they can offer where they will be able to make their profit. Or at the least, be able to shy away from a potentially loss incurring real estate deal.

How can a Comparative Real Estate Market Analysis do this?

Typically, a Comparative  Market Analysis consists of data that includes the records of the most recent properties sold in the same area that shares highly similar characteristics with the real property being subjected to the deal. They can have similar sizes, location, and developments. Making a comparative study on the properties, a real estate professional will be able to make an intelligent summary and estimate as to the true value of the said property. From that estimate, an investor will then be able to see if he or she will be able to make profit.

For a highly dependable Comparative Market Analysis, you should have reliable sources; this will include data and reports from your local public records by the government, and from highly reputable real estate companies and professionals, as well as from the MLS or Multiple Listing Service for your locality.

For a more comprehensive Comparative  Analysis, your report should also include comparisons with homes that are currently listed and are actively on sale, those that are pending, and even with those that have already expired listings. This will not only give you an idea on the current market value, but also on the trends of the value and the time frame that such a property turns over.

You should remember though that you shouldn’t just take the report at face value. There are also other considerations that can factor in on the devaluation of a certain property, which can lower significantly the margin for error. This factors will include the state that the property is in, which may require additional costs for repairs and upgrades, as well as the financial state of the previous owners or sellers which can influence the value as well.

Keep in mind that a Comparative Market Analysis is only an estimate. Take the time to do a manual calculation as well as going for ocular inspections. Combining all these analysis and processes, you will be able to make the right decision.

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April 14th, 2011

Build your Home-Based Network Marketing Business Using Social Network Sites

Building your Home-Based Network Marketing Business Using Social Network Sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Network Marketing Business

Best Online Marketing Tools

Think about it, you are trying to build a network, and social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in has already established a phenomenal community size which can give you fast and immediately available leads or potential network partners. The key here is to be able to create lasting trust based relationships with your network and attract leads. As you create new “friends” you are opening up more opportunities to meet new leads.

With millions of people spending a significant period each day socializing and interacting in sites like MySpace, you will have a priceless opportunity to integrate your home based Network Marketing Business without making them feel that you are there just to make money. And it all starts by joining these sites.

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Joining social network sites is extremely easy. All you need to do is to register, mostly using a legitimate email address, then create your profile. Here you will need to get your creative juice flowing. You need to be able to create a profile that doesn’t intimidate or overwhelm.  Start with a nice warm smiling picture of you clearly showing your face. Capture the interest of others by putting a tag line on your profile page. It shouldn’t sound too much as a sales pitch but still be able to subtly denote your network marketing business. Try to change it from time to time to keep it fresh. Provide some information about yourself, but not too much. Keep it light and relaxed; give them some of your interests, hobbies, and a short background to briefly establish your credentials.

The next thing that you need to do is to start building your social network. Add friends. Search for profiles of other similar network marketing businesses and add them to your account network. Just keep on adding as many as you can. There are already many established home based network marketing groups with thousands of members with their own social site accounts. Create your presence by briefly interacting with members of a particular group alternatively on a daily basis. When you add friends, make sure that you don’t add more than 30 each day so that the site won’t deem you to be a bot.

As your friends list grow, build your reputation as an expert by providing notes and advices and establish yourself as a leader. When you have done so, you can then start your own network marketing group creating another account for that group. Maintain your membership and followers and grow your numbers by providing them with tips and advices on a regular basis, just don’t suffocate the page with too much ads and sales pitches.

Create incentive based strategies that will not only be rewarding but also fun. Try the different apps using html tags available for free. Although you should maintain a professional environment for your network marketing group, make sure to still have some fun, relax, and make it enjoyable for everyone.

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I hope this article was useful to you and a insightful read for you. It was fulfilling for me to write. I love sharing information to help you grow your Network Marketing Business. Don’t forget to subscribe to my news letter for more tips and strategies.

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April 12th, 2011

Build your Home-Based Network Marketing Business through Paid Online Advertising

Building your Home-Based Network Marketing Business through Paid Online Advertising Such As Pay-Per-Click Ads or PPC, Banner Ads, and Sponsorship Ads

Network Marketing Business

Best Online Marketing Tools

Saying that the internet is a major game changer in the world of advertising is one of the biggest understatements that anyone can say.  Not even the television can stake a claim in the degree of speed and magnitude that this revolutionary innovation has influenced the behavior of the market. Not to mention the scope and range that it is able to encompass. And the best thing about it is that in online advertising, you pay for less and because you are able to laser target your intended market, you get more value for every dollar that you spend.

There is no point discussing how important marketing and advertising is to the survival of any type of business even a Home-Based Network Marketing Business. The question here is which type of advertising to use.

There are numerous other means of marketing your home-based Network Marketing Business through the internet but this entails more time and effort before you can see results. If you want to speed up the process you need to make some investments, and that’s through paid online advertising.

Some of the most commonly used online advertising, because their highly effective and provides good results, are Pay-Per-Click Ads or PPC, Banner Ads, and Sponsorship Ads. Costs vary and are hugely dependent on a number of variables.

PPC – Home-Based Network Marketing Business

The least expensive among the three is PPC. This can also be a potential income generator for a site, which means you may be able to recoup some of your expenses. Basically, the term explains it all. When you place an ad on a site, where it is placed somewhere inside its pages, you only pay the webmaster or site owner when someone clicks your ad directing him or her to your site. Depending on how popular the site is, each click can be as low as a cent per each click or as high as a dollar or more for each.

Since most people that click on PPC ads know already or at the least has an idea of what you are offering, then you are getting good leads with a higher chance to convert the lead to a sale. One of the most popular means of PPC is Google Adsense and Adwords.

Banner Ads – Home-Based Network Marketing Business

One of the traditional means of online advertising, popular ever since the advent of online marketing in the 1990’s, is banner advertising. This form of online advertising combines the methodology of PPC and the visual appeal of billboards, magazine ads, and neon lights combined.

Larger than the regular PPC ads, Banner ads have more visually stimulating and attention grabbing graphics and animation, larger size, and command memory retention. Cost variables include the size of the banner, the popularity of the site, and rates are charged either through PPC mode, or Cost Per Action or CPA which is dependent on the action made resulting to the ad, or through Cost Per Impression CPI, where an advertiser is charged whether or not the ad is clicked or an action is performed because of it.

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April 11th, 2011

Cashing in on Distressed Homes

How Can You Cash in on Distressed Homes?

distressed homes

Distressed Homes FREE training

The real estate market has definitely had happier times. The past three years has shown some of the lowest points in the recent decade of real estate history and a good number of investors and realtors have turned to other sources of income to compensate their decreasing income. This doesn’t mean though that the river of potential cash has completely dried out in the real estate industry, many investors have reported making profit and during the last year, home prices have finally steadied and posted some increase, because of a small and gradual rise to the number of homebuyers.

The economy though is far from being healthy, it may still take some time to fully recuperate and even though new job openings are now being offered, it’s still not enough to create a surge in real estate demand. That’s why many home buyers today are looking for low cost housing which they can afford. Many of these “affordable” homes come from real estate investors who have tapped on the Distressed Homes market, which accounted to one in every three home sales last November, for properties which can be easily developed and sold for a low price.

Types of Distressed Homes

Distressed Homes comprise of real estate properties which have been foreclosed, owner has defaulted, bank owned, or from short sales. With the high negative impact of the economic slump, resulting to millions of people losing their jobs, many homeowners have defaulted on their mortgages, foreclosed their houses because of debts, or sold their homes at a greatly reduced price. This has allowed many real estate investors to be able to purchase properties at very low prices and create flexible and affordable deals to entice home buyers. Investors were able to provide an average fifteen percent discount as of November for Distressed Homes. In fact, reports have shown that 34 percent of distressed home sales were from foreclosed properties.

And with the recent economic stability and new found jobs, more people are now able to afford to buy these homes giving investors a promising future. Plus, with a survey commissioned by showing that 9 out of 10 respondents satisfied with their recent home purchase, a trend is now developing which can lead to an increase in property value.

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In another survey, many Americans who are currently renting have expressed their desire to become homeowners. While many of them may not be able to afford to buy a home now, or qualify for financing, the upward growth in the economy, plus the growing number of job openings will change all that. And with a slow and gradual growth of the financial state of our citizens, it’s easy to see that many of these would be owners would be looking towards getting good deals out of distressed homes.

Many still remain skeptic, afraid of taking risk in a real estate market that has seen better days in the past, but in many investments, speculation and good instincts can be key factors.

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– Aislee

April 9th, 2011

Sell Houses Fast in Savannah, GA with the Price You Deserve

Who Else Wants To Sell Houses Fast in Savannah, GA with the Price You Deserve

Sell houses fast

Sell Your House Fast

It has been said that the average American changes residence about 4 to 6 times in their lifetime. This may seem odd to anyone but there are numerous viable reasons why people sell their homes. Whatever your reason may be, if you haven’t sold a house ever before, then you have got a lot of learning up to do.

Sell Houses Fast – a breeze or not?

Some may think that selling a house is a breeze; just leave it to a realtor to take care of it. Sure you can do that, but what if you want to sell your home in a jiffy, and still get a fair price out of it? Most of the time, homeowners that needs to unload a property right away are either stiffed on the purchase price, or can’t find a buyer immediately. If they do, they may even have to spend more on the repairs and upgrades that some buyers demand, that’s more cost on your part, not to mention the commission that the realtor will demand.

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The problem here is because there are not a lot of buyers out there just now. And buyers that are looking for homes are either being very cautious or demanding with their purchase, which they have the right as home buying is a big investment, or they have a bad credit. Also, the number of home sellers far outnumbers the buyers as more people are now selling their homes for various reasons. This is currently experienced all over the country as well as in Savannah, Georgia.

Sell Houses Fast Tips

To give you a slight edge in selling your home in Savannah, Ga. fast, here are a few tips that you can do:

•    Fix and prepare your home the best and most affordable way that you can. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, just get rid of all the most damaging and unsightly problems like holes in the wall, exposed wire, stained walls and flooring, and the like. Even simply cleaning and de-cluttering your home to give it the feel of extra space can do wonders.
•    Fix on a realistic asking price, be flexible to the financial capabilities of your buyer, you don’t have to cut so low, but make sure that both of you get a fair deal. Compare your homes to other similar homes in your area, this can give you a good idea to come up with a figure.
•    Market and promote your home. By simply taking photographs of your home, you can effectively show it to a wider audience through the internet. There are websites that offer free listings for home selling, post in as much websites as you can.

These are just a few samples, there are so many other things that you can do to answer numerous issues to Sell Houses Fast. With the present state of market, you can expect to wait some time, answer a lot of questions, and haggle greatly before you can even find a buyer.

Sell Houses Fast –  Seller’s Win-Win Strategy

But, if you want to avoid all of this, your home in Savannah can be easily sold faster if you deal with a real estate investor. Why, because investors are always on the lookout for homes and properties that they can develop and profit from. They can offer you the best possible price that they can offer to give you a fair deal. With no banks or financial institutions to deal with, they can give you the money you need instantly as they have their investment money. They also buy homes as is, meaning, you don’t need to do a lot of work in improvements. Plus, they do all the dirty work for you, like all the required papers and documents. Now why go through all the trouble of waiting?

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