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December 29th, 2011


I had a friend and fellow Entrepreneur recently call me up about Momentis.  I was interested in hearing why she got involve with Momentis and what they had to offer.  I was more interested in forming a joint venture with her because she has built big teams before in the past and has great leadership potential and Network Marketing skills.

Momentis is by Just Energy and operates in major cities and territories including London, Toronto, Barrie, Kingston, Ottawa and other parts of Canada. This is the marketing arm of Just Energy. Just Energy is the company known for  selling fixed rate gas and electricity prices. The business operations and reach of Just Energy are concentrated in 15 states and 5 provinces in Canada. But more than energy and electricity, the company also dabbles in Direct TV, Clear and Clear 4G.

The Momentis income overview

The compensation plan of Momentis is easy to understand just like the other MLMs out in the market right now. The investor will only need to do two things in order to start earning with Momentis- he can sign up new customers and build a team of new people who will do the same thing. The promise is that if one can do this on a consistent basis, then the stream of income will also flow non-stop.

There are five different ways on how one can earn in the network including;

•    Momentum Immediate Bonus
•    Mentor Bonus
•    My Team Bonus
•    My Leadership Bonus
•    Monthly Recurring Income

Under the Momentum Immediate Bonus arrangement, investors can immediately earn. You will need first to complete the online Certification. It is also important to enroll two new customers which will be reflected as 2 customer points in the first 30 days. If this is done then you become a Qualified Marketing Representative. Once you are in this stage, the more persons you enroll the better the bonuses. There is also the Mentor Bonus and this time you need to sponsor a new QMR in order to get this specialty bonus. Once you earn your $100 by enrolling two customers, you will get the Mentor Bonus. There’s no limit to the enrollees or bonuses.

There are five levels to take note here starting from the Marketing Representative to International Director with a bonus of $325. You can also count on the My Team Bonuses and this can be yours if you managed to get into the Regional Director position. When you sign up your first three representatives, then that will act as your first generation team. When you managed to set up your team, you will get the bonus. To continue the income stream, you will need to train your team so that they can duplicate your efforts. Once they sign up their first three representatives that serve as your second generation team and you earn bonus from it.

There’s the My Leadership Bonus where you get paid depending on how you develop your QMRs. For many members of the Momentis, the monthly recurring income is better. If the personal customers maintain their accounts, then this will be counted to your MRI. The income is paid on a monthly basis so when your customers pay in June you get your MRI in July. Thanks to this compensation scheme and good product line, distributors are looking up to Momentis.

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December 29th, 2011

“Today I Began A New Life”

“Are You a Buyer or a Seller?”

“Today I Began A New Life” from the movie (Baby Boy). This clip is awesome.  I recently noticed this scene only after watching this movie about a million times.  It is off the chain.  It has to be from OG Mandino, the author of ” The Greatest Salesman in the World and his 10 ancient Scrolls of Success. Give me your take on it and leave a comment.

Also pay attention, John Singleton the director has a cameo as the CD salesmans. My wife pointed that out to me.

December 28th, 2011

Robert Dean Jr Jumps to Limu

Robert Dean & Aislee

Robert Dean & Aislee

It’s a common story told in networking and MLM circles about top distributors and senior members shifting loyalties. In a fast-paced business where the demands of the business and promise of growth are overwhelming, these kinds of  movements are to be expected. And just like in the corporate world where talent piracy is common, the MLM industry is also prone to this covering the top names in the business. You can count on Robert Dean as one industry insider who managed to help one company and shift to another one for growth and more opportunities.

He has a checkered history and portfolio when it comes to networking. He started with some of the well-known network marketing companies  in the United States and the rest of the world. After serving TNI and ACN he also worked for MonaVie, Evolv Health and ViSalus.
After all these moves, Robert Dean is now with LIMU International, and the way he has been posting videos and releases about his latest move it seems that Dean has found the MLM company that he is looking for all along. Dean has more than 16 years of experience in the business and networking marketing and he says that his transfer to LIMU is one of the best decisions he made so far.

There are a number of questions were asked about the latest move of Robert Dean. These are expected and Dean manages to answer all these through his interviews and videos. There are a number of reasons why he made the bold move from company to the next includes profitability and offers promise of growth and development. He believes that LIMU has the promise to be the next big thing and says that his stint with LIMU will be 5 years minimum stay.

Now as a bigwig in LIMU, Dean has set his sights on his personal goal of helping the company create new millionaires and helping them get the financial freedom that they deserve. Based on the press releases, Robert Dean hit the ground running when he joined the LIMU management and he also became a 100K LIMU member on his first 10 days in the company which is a record in the history of LIMU Incorporated. In a statement he said that he had seen and evaluated a number of companies and what he saw in LIMU Incorporated is a focused company headed by a former distributor.

Anchored on the Fucoidan, he said that the team of Gary J. Raser has built a group that knows the ins and outs of the typical life of a distributor. Dean also added that he love the concept of the Distributor First’ mentality and added that he is with LIMU because the company empowers him to become a top distributor.

The latest move of Robert Dean may open up a few questions and put a focus on his being a deal-maker and a person who has earned hefty bonuses for each move. But one thing can’t be denied; he always becomes an asset to the team he joins.

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December 16th, 2011

Chris Oliver: from ACN Champion to Organo Diamond

Chris Oliver from ACN Champion to Organo Diamond

Chris Oliver upon joining Organo Gold has become one of the biggest stars and draws of the company. In fact, Chris Oliver is one of the most sought-after  speakers for Organo Gold in many of its Business Opportunity Presentations. This role within the network allowed Chris to travel the world, meet new people and build and inspire new teams. Of course, Chris will not be invited for these jobs if not for his good work with the network marketing company. When Chris Oliver joined the company, he was rated consistently as one of the group’s top producers. Together with the other big names of Organo Gold, like Holton Buggs, Chris was a recipient of the award to become part of the Diamond Club. His first biggest break can be traced to ACN where he served as one of its Regional Vice President. He also briefly participated in the  YTB opportunity but the majority of his experience was spent with ACN where he was a RVP and Noni where he served as a Independent consultant.

Chris Oliver and ACN

It was a friend who introduced Chris to the company. As a matter of fact the friend was a childhood friend of Chris who is also a close friend of mine. It was not an easy start for Chris; he even made a financial sacrifice like missing on a car payment in order to get started with the network marketing business. But this was a good decision on his part and in just 30 days, Chris was promoted to a position and the investment was officially returned. And thanks to the available trainings and mentorship in the company, Chris Oliver manages to clinch the top position in the company, the Regional Vice President position where he lead production. He was also a Circle of Champion top leader. As a matter of fact, I remember when I was first introduced to network marketing, someone gave me a flyer with Chris Oliver featured as the presenter. It caught my attention. I attended that event and I clearly remember that event as a life changing moment for me.

Chris Oliver’s stint with Noni

Chris Oliver also joined Noni and became a consultant with the network marketing company. He was also the mentor of Robert Dean in ACN. But why did Chris jump and switch loyalties to Noni knowing that his former network is also stable and promises growth? Just like other top producers in the business, Chris jumped into Noni after seeing the Noni compensation plan in 2005. It was also rumored that Noni paid him a significant amount of money to come over to Noni, however I have not confirmed that rumor. The Noni compensation plan  took the attention of Chris during that time  which included a promise of maximum earnings and payouts on all new volume in five levels. Members can also get 20 percent personal rebate on all the personal volume that is over $120/ month. There is no restriction as well on the amount or time. Also, the company pays weekly checks. In just a few months, Chris Oliver became a Triple Diamond member within the network, and was reported to have said that his goal is to create 1000 millionaires through his group. This new direction of Chris Oliver also allowed him to be in direct confrontation at least business wise with Robert Dean since Dean also stated that he wants to create over 500 millionaires.

Chris Oliver ‘s Organo Gold latest move to Diamond

The latest move of Chris Oliver transferred him to another rising name in network marketing, Organo Gold. He is a Diamond Member of the network marketing company with $20000 weekly Dual Team earning potential.

Chris Oliver is a Legend in the Network Marketing Industry and Honestly one of The Best Trainers Out There. Discover the secrets of Chris Oliver and other Top Producers and What I Did To Help Take His Training To The Next Level click here

December 5th, 2011

Get More Acreage in Your Investment with Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate Benefits

If you associate the term “wholesale” with great savings, then that is what you will exactly get when you buy wholesale real-estate. And as the old business maxim goes, buy low, sell high. That is the way you make profits. Wholesale Real Estate is now regarded as the top investment in the real estate market. And although some may say that real estate is not really a wise investment in a recession period, Wholesale Real Estate will change their minds.

The recession is one of the factors that have made Wholesale Real Estate profitable. Many people who can’t afford to fix their homes, relocating because of lost jobs, facing foreclosure, or is unloading an extra home because they can’t afford the upkeep, are looking to sell their homes fast, and when this happens, the prices commonly drop. It is known to many real estate experts that a recession will lower property prices by 5 percent or more, factor in the urgency of the seller to turn their homes into cash. This will spell huge savings and equal to bigger profits, you do the math.

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Most real estate investors today love to do house flipping projects, not only are they able to purchase the property at highly reduced prices, but also be able to get huge return for the repairs and improvements that they will do. Many investors though don’t have the time, expertise, or wide network to be able to look for properties to turn into their cash cow. And that’s why many of them have turned towards wholesale real-estate.

In a nutshell, wholesale real estate is about investing in real estate purchased from a wholesaler. They look for homes and other properties, negotiate with the owner, purchase the property and list it for sale as is. These properties have high potential to earn good profits for their investors. They are usually fixer uppers, or neglected homes that with a little grease elbow and some money, could be made into a great home that many would love to purchase for a profitable sum.

Wholesale retailers usually get the properties at very low prices, because of the state they are in, or because of the reduced purchase price from those who are in a rush to sell their property. They then pass this savings on to other investors giving them huge discounts to be able to realize a profit.

For many newbies to the real estate market, this is a great deal for you. This is because you won’t have to make all the haggling, searching, and negotiating to get a good price on a property. Wholesalers will do this for you, and you just have to look at their listings, usually, wholesalers have a great number of homes to choose from, no more need to go around looking for properties and haggling with realtors.

Be sure though that you deal with reputable wholesalers. Look for those that have vast experience and knowledge in the wholesaling business. Many of those that can be trusted doesn’t only sell you a house, they can also help you out in selling it, and even show you the ropes in wholesaling if you ever decide to become one yourself.


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December 3rd, 2011

All Time High 379 Savannah Foreclosures

379 Savannah Foreclosures

Savannah Foreclosures

379 Savannah Foreclosures

This upcoming Tuesday there are 379 Savannah foreclosures due to foreclose  here in Savannah Georgia. It is sad news for many homeowners during this time of year but it is a reflection of our current economy. Savannah Foreclosures are at an all time high. According to reports from the local government channel in Savannah GA, the local economy has weathered this storm much better than many other cities. Since Savannah is a smaller market and a microcosm of the US economy this leads me to believe that national average and major cities foreclosures may be up as well. This is the second highest savannah foreclosures since I can remember since the real estate market took a negative turn in 2008.

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Savannah Foreclosure Options

Well what what does this Savannah Foreclosure rate increase mean? Well for the people going through this process it can be very tough. But is situations like this there are options. The worse thing someone can do is to do nothing and ignore the situation as though it will go away. Unfortunately, many will do just that, nothing. And there will be foreclosure investors, attorneys, and banking representatives at the Foreclosure Sale taking ownership of the property. Creating opportunity for someone else. I once heard that opportunity is never lost but only transferred to someone else. That reminded me about how energy is never lost and lost transferred. So we always have a choice. It may not be the choice we want but we have a choice.

Savannah Foreclosures Opportunity

Avoid Savannah Foreclosures

Avoid Savannah Foreclosures

Now there is opportunity for Investors and Home owners going through Savannah Foreclosures in the pre-forclosure stage. During this stage there are many options that can create a win-win situation for both parties as long as the investor isn’t greedy. Most homeowners want to keep their home. Well this possesses a conflict for most investors because they only know one or two ways to make money investing in real estate or Savannah foreclosures. Now an investors time is valuable. I know I value my time. So how can an investor still make money and help a homeowner. Well it takes an investor with good ethics and character. Why? Because Homeowners in these situations can be vulnerable. The Homeowner is in a bad situation and needs some help. Who is going to come to the rescue? Also the investor has to know how to handle the horror stories of Investor scams and Savannah foreclosure scams that others have committed in the past. It boils down to some homeowners will qualify to stay in their home and Investors Like myself find fulfillment in helping them and still get to earn a fee for my services. And then some homeowners will not qualify to stay in their homes and you can provide them with other options where the homeowner saves their dignity, saves their credit, and maybe able to get some cash out the deal instead of so nothing and give the house back to the bank to be put out on the street.

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Respect Savannah Foreclosures

Savannah Foreclosures can be a respectable business for some and a blessing for others. It is a very needed service. There is much more demand than I and other investors here can handle by ourselves and throughout the nation. You can provide this assistance to homeowners in foreclosure in other markets from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a phone and internet connection.

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