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April 29th, 2011

Get Your FREE Credit Score & FREE Credit Report

FREE Credit Score

FREE Credit Score

Get Your FREE Credit Score & Credit Report Without Charge Or Obligation And A Financial Review at Your Request.

A few days ago I went to the bank to make a deposit and while at the drive-thru the bank teller asked me if I was interested in receiving my FREE Credit Score and Free Credit Report. I was listening to see if there was a catch, like a automatic monthly subscription enrollment that you would have to cancel if you didn’t want a subscription. I noticed that banks are following a trending practice many companies are doing by training their customer service associates to suggest other products at the point of sale. In the fast food industry this would be called an upsell, “Do you want fries or an apple pie with that? The bank teller further explained that the FREE Credit Score was a special they were offering this month and next month. She said that I could either come inside to start the process or initiate it online. She sent me a flyer with an access code and off I went as I proceeded with my day.

Now I am pretty informed when it comes to my credit. I monitor it several times per year. I just ordered a copy last month. I haven’t used my flyer yet to order another report. The flyer says that I have until May 15th to use it. I will probably wait until near that time to use it to order my FREE Credit Score and FREE Credit Report.

Now if you would like to take advantage of this Credit Score special, you either have to have a bank account at Wells Fargo or open one at Wells Fargo. If you do not bank at Wells Fargo then you may also want to check with your existing bank to see what they offer or if they will match the special Wells Fargo is promoting. If not then the best place online to get your credit score is here. Now you can goto if you want to order a free credit report only. They will give you one per year but it will not include the score so to me that is useless. You need to know your score.

Once You Get Your FREE Credit Score then what?

Do you have a Credit Mindset? A credit mindset is a program I discovered online that can help improve your credit so that you can have a better way of life. Check it out here. Once you know your score then you can work to improve it. If you need Legal Credit Repair information, I am working on a few resources to share with you that will be coming soon.

To Your Success  –Aislee

Good Luck Requesting Your FREE Credit Score & Credit Report or Click Here Now to Get your score online.