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May 25th, 2011

Jillian Coleman Wheeler – Real Estate Grant System

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Jillian Coleman Wheeler – Real Estate Grant System

Jillian Coleman has spent years perfecting her web marketing skills. She already has  experience in all important fields of Internet marketing, from  search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, affiliate marketing, video marketing, podcasting, and even in public relations. She is also a successful Internet business owner and author. Here’s a review of her Real Estate Grant System.

What Is  A Grant? – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

In conventional terns, a grant refers to a free monetary gift or free goods and services. If someone offers a grant, the individual or organization won’t need to pay back the grant. Grants too are considered as tax-free, In the new economy, billions of dollars of grants are given each year, and the money helps to stimulate the local economy and generate jobs, support business and help people achieve their dreams.

Government Grants  – How To Get Them – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

The government is also a rich source of grants. Government grants are generally available from the federal government, state government, as well as the county and city governments. An example of one of the many federal government grants are in the affordable housing sector. According to Jillian Coleman Wheeler, although most of the housing projects are built by private companies, these are generally funded by government grants for affordable housing. Sometimes the federal government passes the grants to state and local government units, who in turn distribute the grants to local beneficiaries.

How Families and Individuals Can Get A Government Grant to Buy Real Estate – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

Kirk and Tina are are a few of the examples of individuals who availed of government grants to purchase real estate. Tina works as a Spanish teacher, while Kirk works for a construction firm. The couple lives in South Texas. When the two got married, they planned on purchasing valuable ranch land. However, when they shopped around for financing options, they learned that would at least to pay 10 percent of the loan proceeds, and most local banks   required a twenty percent payment. And apart from the purchase price, the couple also needed to cough out cash to pay for equipment, livestock and other improvements.

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A good thing happened when the couple spent months researching on the Internet. They found out about a program offered by the US Department of Agriculture, through the Farm Service Agency. The program was called the Direct Farm Ownership Program, which was created to encourage families to settle in rural areas, and get farm or ranch land. When the couple contacted the Farm Service Agency, they were made to fill up an application. The couple qualified for the grant, and were able to purchase a 140-acre ranch afterward.

Jillian Coleman Wheeler continues to be an active grants and business consultant, and she is the author of popular books like the The Other Secrets, The Law Of Attraction and The New American Land Rush. She has already raised millions of dollars in grants for her clients, as well as for herself.  She has also bought an apartment complex, without using her own money.

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