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March 7th, 2013

How to Spot Jealous People

So my wife and I are teaching our children not to be jealous of each other. Jealousy can be easy to spot.

Jealous people tend to want to be in your place and wish that you lose the things that you have in order to be better than you. And I am not talking about material things only but they also envy the relationships you have with others. One of the things I value highly along with my relationship with my wife and children is my relationship with others.

One of my children came to us complaining that his brother got a bigger peace of chicken and that its not fair. Really!! I tell my children that life isn’t fair, but fair really has nothing to do with it. Its about giving you what you need. Everyone doesn’t need the same things.

We turned this into a teaching moment because I see the same thing happen with adults all the time. Have you ever had someone worry about what you do for others or what others do for you? Most of the time, it is more of how they perceive you or your interactions with others and become jealous because they can’t do the same thing and it eats them at their core with envy. I pity the fools because it is a pitiful life to live. Nothing they do, buy, or pretend to have brings them real joy. They tend to be as fake as a bad weave and everyone can see right through them. They tend to boast and brag for all the wrong reasons. They tend to want to be in the spotlight and crave for undeserved attention. They were the same bad-ass kids jumping in front of every picture or video you shot.

Jealousy–The Sin No One Talks about: How to Overcome Envy and Live a Life of Freedom

Anyway, I asked my son, are you starving? I shared with him not to have a scarcity mindset but and abundant mindset.
There is plenty to go around and by your brother getting a bigger piece, doesn’t mean you won’t have enough. It shouldn’t even concern you and you should be happen for your brother.

Don’t hate, congratulate. Don’t become the bad-ass kid who gets on everyone’s nerves. That bad-ass kid grows up to become an immature adult who can’t keep any friends. They turn friends over like Kim Kardashian and Taylor swift Change boyfriends.(I am mad that I know about Taylor Swifts rumored dating history) They fallout with everyone,and then claim that they are the one who is being hated on and other people are jealous of them. Now that is crazy. Most of their relationships with others are superficial and about what others can do for them.

People who have personal weaknesses, self doubts and low self esteem will be jealous of you.

A jealous person won’t come and tell you that he/she is jealous of you nor he will say it directly to one of his friends but instead his jealousy will appear in the form of hatred, resentment and gossiping.

Jealousy–The Sin No One Talks about: How to Overcome Envy and Live a Life of Freedom

Jealous people will never say it directly but the envy they have towards you will spill out of their mouths in the form of non constructive criticism, rude treatment or disrespect for you.

When you hear that someone was gossiping about you don’t become angry. More than likely, this person is jealous of you and that he/she has nothing better to do other than talking about you in your absence.

This is why we all must build our children self-esteem. Building my children s self-esteem is one of my most important jobs as a father. High negative environment make it very difficult. That’s why my wife and I are very conscious of the environment and company we keep and who/what we expose our children too. At times it is very difficult but we do our best.

At the end of the day, I tend to laugh at the haters. If you are a person of faith, like me, then you also know what the bible tells us on how this story will end.

Jealousy–The Sin No One Talks about: How to Overcome Envy and Live a Life of Freedom

December 29th, 2011

“Today I Began A New Life”

“Are You a Buyer or a Seller?”

“Today I Began A New Life” from the movie (Baby Boy). This clip is awesome.  I recently noticed this scene only after watching this movie about a million times.  It is off the chain.  It has to be from OG Mandino, the author of ” The Greatest Salesman in the World and his 10 ancient Scrolls of Success. Give me your take on it and leave a comment.

Also pay attention, John Singleton the director has a cameo as the CD salesmans. My wife pointed that out to me.