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May 3rd, 2013
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December 5th, 2011

Get More Acreage in Your Investment with Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate Benefits

If you associate the term “wholesale” with great savings, then that is what you will exactly get when you buy wholesale real-estate. And as the old business maxim goes, buy low, sell high. That is the way you make profits. Wholesale Real Estate is now regarded as the top investment in the real estate market. And although some may say that real estate is not really a wise investment in a recession period, Wholesale Real Estate will change their minds.

The recession is one of the factors that have made Wholesale Real Estate profitable. Many people who can’t afford to fix their homes, relocating because of lost jobs, facing foreclosure, or is unloading an extra home because they can’t afford the upkeep, are looking to sell their homes fast, and when this happens, the prices commonly drop. It is known to many real estate experts that a recession will lower property prices by 5 percent or more, factor in the urgency of the seller to turn their homes into cash. This will spell huge savings and equal to bigger profits, you do the math.

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Most real estate investors today love to do house flipping projects, not only are they able to purchase the property at highly reduced prices, but also be able to get huge return for the repairs and improvements that they will do. Many investors though don’t have the time, expertise, or wide network to be able to look for properties to turn into their cash cow. And that’s why many of them have turned towards wholesale real-estate.

In a nutshell, wholesale real estate is about investing in real estate purchased from a wholesaler. They look for homes and other properties, negotiate with the owner, purchase the property and list it for sale as is. These properties have high potential to earn good profits for their investors. They are usually fixer uppers, or neglected homes that with a little grease elbow and some money, could be made into a great home that many would love to purchase for a profitable sum.

Wholesale retailers usually get the properties at very low prices, because of the state they are in, or because of the reduced purchase price from those who are in a rush to sell their property. They then pass this savings on to other investors giving them huge discounts to be able to realize a profit.

For many newbies to the real estate market, this is a great deal for you. This is because you won’t have to make all the haggling, searching, and negotiating to get a good price on a property. Wholesalers will do this for you, and you just have to look at their listings, usually, wholesalers have a great number of homes to choose from, no more need to go around looking for properties and haggling with realtors.

Be sure though that you deal with reputable wholesalers. Look for those that have vast experience and knowledge in the wholesaling business. Many of those that can be trusted doesn’t only sell you a house, they can also help you out in selling it, and even show you the ropes in wholesaling if you ever decide to become one yourself.


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December 3rd, 2011

All Time High 379 Savannah Foreclosures

379 Savannah Foreclosures

Savannah Foreclosures

379 Savannah Foreclosures

This upcoming Tuesday there are 379 Savannah foreclosures due to foreclose  here in Savannah Georgia. It is sad news for many homeowners during this time of year but it is a reflection of our current economy. Savannah Foreclosures are at an all time high. According to reports from the local government channel in Savannah GA, the local economy has weathered this storm much better than many other cities. Since Savannah is a smaller market and a microcosm of the US economy this leads me to believe that national average and major cities foreclosures may be up as well. This is the second highest savannah foreclosures since I can remember since the real estate market took a negative turn in 2008.

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Savannah Foreclosure Options

Well what what does this Savannah Foreclosure rate increase mean? Well for the people going through this process it can be very tough. But is situations like this there are options. The worse thing someone can do is to do nothing and ignore the situation as though it will go away. Unfortunately, many will do just that, nothing. And there will be foreclosure investors, attorneys, and banking representatives at the Foreclosure Sale taking ownership of the property. Creating opportunity for someone else. I once heard that opportunity is never lost but only transferred to someone else. That reminded me about how energy is never lost and lost transferred. So we always have a choice. It may not be the choice we want but we have a choice.

Savannah Foreclosures Opportunity

Avoid Savannah Foreclosures

Avoid Savannah Foreclosures

Now there is opportunity for Investors and Home owners going through Savannah Foreclosures in the pre-forclosure stage. During this stage there are many options that can create a win-win situation for both parties as long as the investor isn’t greedy. Most homeowners want to keep their home. Well this possesses a conflict for most investors because they only know one or two ways to make money investing in real estate or Savannah foreclosures. Now an investors time is valuable. I know I value my time. So how can an investor still make money and help a homeowner. Well it takes an investor with good ethics and character. Why? Because Homeowners in these situations can be vulnerable. The Homeowner is in a bad situation and needs some help. Who is going to come to the rescue? Also the investor has to know how to handle the horror stories of Investor scams and Savannah foreclosure scams that others have committed in the past. It boils down to some homeowners will qualify to stay in their home and Investors Like myself find fulfillment in helping them and still get to earn a fee for my services. And then some homeowners will not qualify to stay in their homes and you can provide them with other options where the homeowner saves their dignity, saves their credit, and maybe able to get some cash out the deal instead of so nothing and give the house back to the bank to be put out on the street.

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Respect Savannah Foreclosures

Savannah Foreclosures can be a respectable business for some and a blessing for others. It is a very needed service. There is much more demand than I and other investors here can handle by ourselves and throughout the nation. You can provide this assistance to homeowners in foreclosure in other markets from the comfort of your own home as long as you have a phone and internet connection.

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May 25th, 2011

Jillian Coleman Wheeler – Real Estate Grant System

jillian Coleman

jillian Coleman Bonus

Jillian Coleman Wheeler – Real Estate Grant System

Jillian Coleman has spent years perfecting her web marketing skills. She already has  experience in all important fields of Internet marketing, from  search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, affiliate marketing, video marketing, podcasting, and even in public relations. She is also a successful Internet business owner and author. Here’s a review of her Real Estate Grant System.

What Is  A Grant? – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

In conventional terns, a grant refers to a free monetary gift or free goods and services. If someone offers a grant, the individual or organization won’t need to pay back the grant. Grants too are considered as tax-free, In the new economy, billions of dollars of grants are given each year, and the money helps to stimulate the local economy and generate jobs, support business and help people achieve their dreams.

Government Grants  – How To Get Them – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

The government is also a rich source of grants. Government grants are generally available from the federal government, state government, as well as the county and city governments. An example of one of the many federal government grants are in the affordable housing sector. According to Jillian Coleman Wheeler, although most of the housing projects are built by private companies, these are generally funded by government grants for affordable housing. Sometimes the federal government passes the grants to state and local government units, who in turn distribute the grants to local beneficiaries.

How Families and Individuals Can Get A Government Grant to Buy Real Estate – Jillian Coleman Wheeler

Kirk and Tina are are a few of the examples of individuals who availed of government grants to purchase real estate. Tina works as a Spanish teacher, while Kirk works for a construction firm. The couple lives in South Texas. When the two got married, they planned on purchasing valuable ranch land. However, when they shopped around for financing options, they learned that would at least to pay 10 percent of the loan proceeds, and most local banks   required a twenty percent payment. And apart from the purchase price, the couple also needed to cough out cash to pay for equipment, livestock and other improvements.

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A good thing happened when the couple spent months researching on the Internet. They found out about a program offered by the US Department of Agriculture, through the Farm Service Agency. The program was called the Direct Farm Ownership Program, which was created to encourage families to settle in rural areas, and get farm or ranch land. When the couple contacted the Farm Service Agency, they were made to fill up an application. The couple qualified for the grant, and were able to purchase a 140-acre ranch afterward.

Jillian Coleman Wheeler continues to be an active grants and business consultant, and she is the author of popular books like the The Other Secrets, The Law Of Attraction and The New American Land Rush. She has already raised millions of dollars in grants for her clients, as well as for herself.  She has also bought an apartment complex, without using her own money.

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May 23rd, 2011

Robert Kiyosaki – Real Estate Investing System

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki  – Real Estate Investing System

Born on April 8, 1947, Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most popular authors and motivational
speakers in the nation today. He is famous for crating the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of motivational books, and his books have already sold a combines 26 million in sales. He is also a very talented investor and businessman. Here’s a review of Robert Kiyosaki‘s Real Estate Investing System.

What Robert Kiyosaki’s New Book Says

Robert has recently come up with a new book on the real estate industry, and it’s
aptly titled The Real Book Of Real Estate. The book actually contains chapters that
are compiled by Robert’s team of twenty two real estate experts, and also includes real-life experience quotes from Robert himself. His book asserts, like on other Robert Kiyosaki creations, that real estate is a great place to star an investment, because the average agent or investor is given the chance to tinker with all the systems. And because real estate is essentially fairly stable and inert,  it gives average investors with more time to correct their flaws and wrong calculations.

Treat Your Real Estate Investing as A Business

Robert’s new book, like his other writings, always asserts that you need to treat your real estate investing as a business. In The Real Book Of Real Estate, one chapter deals with the topic of how to treat your real estate investing as a business. Robert’s team of expert suggest  that what each and every investor should do is to learn that real estate investing is indeed a business, and if you take care of your business, you will be able to get the well-deserved tax breaks and other benefits that most business men and agents don’t realize. The book also contains invaluable advice which are intended for you to conquer the real estate investing game, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a veteran agent or broker.

The Book Contains First–Person, Real-Life Real Estate Accounts

Robert Kiyosaki’s new book  interestingly contains lots of real-life, real-world first-person stories and accounts  of real estate experts and investors who share their experiences on how they started and fared in the industry. Some share their frustrations with the system, while others share their passion for a “system-driven” business which allows the owner to back off and let his or her business run by the system. The real estate system is also seen my most experts as falling into the system-driven category, because it consists of a chain of command, procedures, decision-making systems and more.

Robert Kiyosaki’s perspectives and principles on  investing and money are remarkably different from the traditional principles of the industry, or the times. Robert strongly believes that the old-school beliefs of  getting a good job, working hard, saving money, steering out of debt and long-term investing just don’t work in today’s economy. Much of Robert’s philosophies and principles  strongly focus on how to generate passive income from   investment opportunities like business and real estate. In generating passive income from a business or real estate, the main goal  should be to support oneself by such investments alone.

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May 20th, 2011

Bill Twyford – Bulk Bank Owned REO Properties

Bill Twyford

Bill Twyford Bonuses

Bill Twyford – Bulk Bank Owned Reo Properties

Bill Twyford is a professional real estate investor, master negotiator and trainer. He has been in the real estate business for years, and he knows more than a thing or two about bank owned REO properties. But first, what exactly is meant by REO? REO actually means real estate owned property, and this type of property is usually taken back by the mortgagor when it continues to remain unsold after a foreclosure auction. Here are more of Bill Twyford ‘s helpful insights on how to profit from bulk bank owned REO properties.

Why Many Foreclosed Homes Remain Unsold After An Auction? Bill Twyford

According to real estate experts, Bill Twyford himself included, homes that are acquired by the bank from foreclosure are called REO, or real estate owned. These properties are tossed back to the mortgage company in the bloody aftermath of of an unsuccessful auction. But why does this happen often? The truth is this happens most of the time.  One of the main reasons for this is that the minimum bid on the foreclosed property would have to cover the costs that are currently owed to the bank or lender. The other add-ons include loan balance, attorney fee,s accrued interest, as well as any cost that;s associated with the messy foreclosure process. During an unsuccessful auction, if the minimum bid is not met, then the foreclosed property goes back to the bank as REO.

Bill Twyford – Strategies For Purchasing REO

Bill Twyford, who has over 840 real estate deals in his belt, will probably have no problems with purchasing and selling REO properties. For beginners and upstart realtors, there is actually a strategy for purchasing an REO. Because most banks and lenders will not immediately dump any of their excess real estate inventory for a cheap price, there will be some bargaining involved with securing REO properties at the desirable price.  In offering for REO properties, make an offer, for which the bank will also present a counter-offer, which may be at a higher price than expected. Be prepared to counter and make a counter-offer, as this is all part of the game for acquiring REO properties.

Contact A Listing / REO Agent Before Making An Offer

In dealing with REO properties, don’t always expect that a deal will quickly be pulled off. Like in other real estate transactions, you offer and succeeding counter-offer will have to be reviewed and approved by the bank’s officers and directors. Before making any offer though,  contact your listing/ REO agent and ask if there any inspection reports that you need to read or look over, as well as ask if there is an “As Is” form. Also find out how long will the bank take t accept an offer, as well as how many lines of approval need to be passed before your offer gets approved.

According to veteran Investors like Bill Twyford, bank owned foreclosures and  real estate auctions offer juicy deals on distressed or already foreclosed properties. However, as banks are in business to lend money, and not to collect or store foreclosed properties, banks will generally want to dispose of  foreclosed or REO properties, and sell them off at large discounts.  To better improve your prospects, take time during the weekend to  spice up your offer by providing the listing agent with pre-qualification on your mortgage or approval letter, as well as determine the right amount to have your offer accepted.

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May 18th, 2011

Reggie Brooks and Creating Wealth From Abandoned Properties

Reggie Brooks

Reggie Brooks Bonuses

Reggie Brooks on Creating Wealth From Abandoned Properties

Reggie Brooks used to work like any salary man. He toiled in a telephone company, and earned around $3,000 a month. However, in 1996, he discovered that there was gold to be found in derelict, abandoned properties. Soon afterward, he went from earning just over $36,000 annually, to making over $40,000 bucks a month in his  burgeoning real estate business. Here are a few helpful hints from Reggie’s abandoned property wealth generation system.

Reggie Brooks – Abandoned Properties Are Profitable, But They Can Be A Headache

According to the famous Donald Trump, a dull and decaying market is actually the best niche to make lots of cash. With rising foreclosure rates, these are actually very promising times for finding discount, rock-bottom properties.  However, how do you choose the best properties, and how do you best deal with all the technicalities that are often associated with an abandoned property? As repairs might get extensive, and the vacant property may be subject to vandalism, and some neighbors may start to complain that the property is starting to become an eyesore already. And because the abandoned property is already causing a stir with the neighbors, the Department of Building could join the fray, and further complicate the process.

How Reggie Brooks ‘ System Works

Although some may think that with so many abandoned properties piling up, the economy continues to be in a downward spiral. But if you look closely, you’ll actually see that there’s a lot of money to be made with these abandoned homes and buildings. Reggie has actually come up with a fantastic idea on how to make lots of money from derelicts and abandoned homes, through the Abandoned Property Investor Kit. This book gives aspiring real estate  professionals with all the practical tools needed to successfully break into this very profitable industry niche. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the abandoned property market, and Reggie Brooks will show aspiring real estate guys how to locate juicy abandoned properties, contact the owners, and negotiate for an affordable sale.

Start Dealing In Abandoned Properties, With Little Or No Money Required

With Reggie Brooks ’ innovative system, the abandoned property market can actually become a gold mine of sorts for those who have the courage to jump in uncharted waters. In Reggie’s book, the individual will learn how to get started in dealing with abandoned properties with little or no initial start up capital required.  You will learn what the traits of motivated sellers are, and what the advantages of abandoned property investing are over other strategies.

Reggie Brooks ‘ innovative abandoned property marketing system also teaches budding real estate professionals how to find, and corner low or no-money down deals. Budding realtors will also learn how to raise the offer price and lower the interest rates. They will also learn how to quickly spot government programs, research grants and other available loan programs in their respective localities.  Most of all, you will learn the art of  finding abandoned properties fast, and quickly track down the owners as well.

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May 16th, 2011

Minh Pham – Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques

Minh Pham

Minh Pham Bonuses

Minh Pham – Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques

Minh Pham has for the past twelve years been helping homeowners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, investors, small business owners, landlord and real estate investors to turn their fortunes around. With the recent release of the Turnkey Software for Successful Real Estate Investors, Minh Pham has been hailed for developing probably one of the most comprehensive real estate program today. The Turnkey system has also received a positive reception from both local and national real estate associations and boards. Here’s a review of Minh’s Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques.

What The Turnkey Philosophy Is About

Because of the recent recession, many investors today have began changing their investment priorities, as well as their plans of action. The days of speculation and volatility are out, while the need for safe and steady returns is back. The Turnkey investing philosophy basically teaches you how to build, invest and manage your real estate portfolio with lease options and other innovative techniques. You also learn how to use lease-options to properly build your portfolio, as well as how to generate steady cash flows. You will also be taught how to find the appropriate real estate market to safely put your investment in.

What’s Included In The Course – Minh Pham

Minh Pham’s course teaches budding real estate investors a lot of helpful techniques and tricks to stay afloat in the market. Among the things that you will learn are how to set up  your business to minimize taxes and risks. You will also learn how to achieve financial independence with monthly cash flow from creative real estate investing. The course also provides helpful insights on how to tap at least five sources of good lead generation, how to get motivated sellers calling you, how to market for homes the simple way, how to make money buying houses that others simply pass by, and how to buy from landlords who need you.

Helpful Advice on How To Evade Common Real Estate Market Traps – Minh Pham

Minh Pham’s course also provides realtors with sound advice on how to steer clear of the common real estate market traps today. You will learn how to avoid evictions and foreclosures, how to avoid liability and take out part of your profit tax-free, how to protect yourself from litigation using an LLC, how to sell houses without needing to fix them, and how to get money out before you close.

Armed with a degree in Decision Information Sciences from Maryland University, Minh Pham has already released a number of popular, street-wise books which teach independent investors on how to innovatively invest in the current real estate market.

The Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options book , like Minh’s other books, generally go against the traditional financial community mindset, and is geared for independent investors who do not wish to swim with the tide.

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May 13th, 2011

Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

Dave Lindahl

Dave Lindahl Bonuses

Dave Lindahl – Apartment House Riches

If you’re in the process of buying an apartment building, let the experts like Dave Lindahl guide you through the process. David actually didn’t start in the apartment business, for he worked as a landscaper until the time came when he renovated his foreclosed property. Pretty soon afterward, David began taking a really serious look at real estate, and this led him into investing in small apartment units at the start. Today, he has already made a name for himself, as he has already successfully renovated and resold over 500 apartments, and also owns more than 38 apartments already. Here’s a brief overview of David’s Apartment House for Riches.

What Is Dave Lindahl ‘s Apartment House Riches?

Apartment House Riches is actually a popular course which teaches you how you can purchase apartment buildings of any size, using none of your money. The course leads the student or listener through the exciting, but sometimes exhaustive, process of buying an apartment, in a step-by-step fashion. The course teaches you the five keys to successful negotiating, so that you’ll learn the right methods, and actually look forward to negotiating. You will also be taught the 4-part negotiating formula, to enable you to get more deals, and put more cash in your pockets. It also teaches you how to avoid the six costly mistakes of negotiating, as well as the 4 methods that shrewd investors often use to keep more money. Apartment House Riches also teaches you the how to write offers that get accepted, without the need to haggle and work hard.

Get Infected With Dave Lindahl ‘s Enthusiasm

One of the best aspects about the Apartment House Riches course is that  participants will get infected with David’s enthusiasm. David is known for being an affectionate and passionate advocate of apartments, as these have been the main vehicle for his growth and advancement. Dave lindahl truly knows what he is talking about, and he injects a sincere air in wanting you to join him in his quest for achieving wealth through apartment buildings.

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Apart from the tips and strategies mentioned earlier, the Apartment House Riches course also included additional bonus reports, and these include how to attract motivated sellers and raise more private money.

A number of complaints though have been raised about the effectiveness of Dave Lindhal’s Apartment House Riches system. Some who attended his previous boot camps asserted that he had guest speakers who were too sales-driven, and did not offer that much concrete strategies to achieve the given purpose. Overall though, majority agree that Apartment House Riches offers straight-to-the-point education on apartment building maintenance, investing and re-selling. And while Dave Lindahl himself agrees that the apartment sector of real estate can be quite a tedious and intimidating environment, with the right tools, coaching and guidance, the realtor can actually generate better income streams by investing in apartments. The course includes CD’s, tenant application letters and forms, leasing tutorials, marketing supplements and  a step-by-step guide to generating profits in the apartment building niche.

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May 11th, 2011

Bob Massey – The Agent Magnet Short Sale System

Bob Massey

Bob Massey Bonuses

Bob Massey – The Agent Magnet Short Sale System

If you continue to get stuck with a huge portfolio of unsold homes, and your real estate career is going nowhere, you better hear about what Bob Massey has to say.  The good thing is that you are not alone, as many real estate agents (realtors)  face the problems of lack of leads, poor marketing exposure, lack of coherent marketing system, and the inability to close deals in the best time frame possible. Here’s how Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet system can help you resuscitate your fledgling real estate prospects.

What Does Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet Teach?

The Agent Magnet is a course that practically includes all there is to learn about expanding your real estate network. The course gives you the chance to achieve financial security and independence, by taking you through the entire short sale investment process. The course will teach you how to   recruit a network of sales professionals who will efficiently funnel buyers and sellers to you, for free. You will also be taught how to turn ordinary real estate agents into productive, money-producing friends and associates.

Learn How To DO Multiple Real Estate Deals – Bob Massey

With the Agent Magnet, you will be taught how to drastically cut overhead costs and expenses, from marketing bills to advertising expenses and more. You will also be given the opportunity to do multiple wholesale deals, to quickly fill your pipeline, if possible month after month. You will also learn how to sell properties before buying them, and you won’t need to put up another For Sale sign, or newspaper ad again.

Offering A Better System For Promoting Your Real Estate Business – Bob Massey

One of the best attributes of Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet is that you will be provided with all the needed tools and resources for managing and marketing your real estate network. The course also includes scripts. Emails, postcards, flyers, online systems, as well as the techniques and strategies for effectively using these tools. You will also learn how to identify what’s hot and what’s not, so you won\t be wasting your time chasing down unmotivated buyers, sellers and low-quality properties. What’s probably one of the best things you’ll learn with the Agent Magnet is that you will be able to buy and sell houses with private money. A customized web site is also included in the course, along with proven templates, checklists, video courses and tutorials, audio CD’s and other pertinent forms.

Bob Massey has developed a program that bears the fruit of years of actual hands-on experience in doing short sales. He doesn’t consider himself a textbook guru like the other guys, who talk about nothing but nonsense and hype. While others may have a wonderful-sounding sales pitch,  they actually don;t make any real money at all. The Agent Magnet is  just like having an MBA in real estate short sale, and your mentors are armed with all the experience and expertise that you’ll require to become a successful realtor.

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