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May 11th, 2011

Bob Massey – The Agent Magnet Short Sale System

Bob Massey

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Bob Massey – The Agent Magnet Short Sale System

If you continue to get stuck with a huge portfolio of unsold homes, and your real estate career is going nowhere, you better hear about what Bob Massey has to say.  The good thing is that you are not alone, as many real estate agents (realtors)  face the problems of lack of leads, poor marketing exposure, lack of coherent marketing system, and the inability to close deals in the best time frame possible. Here’s how Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet system can help you resuscitate your fledgling real estate prospects.

What Does Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet Teach?

The Agent Magnet is a course that practically includes all there is to learn about expanding your real estate network. The course gives you the chance to achieve financial security and independence, by taking you through the entire short sale investment process. The course will teach you how to   recruit a network of sales professionals who will efficiently funnel buyers and sellers to you, for free. You will also be taught how to turn ordinary real estate agents into productive, money-producing friends and associates.

Learn How To DO Multiple Real Estate Deals – Bob Massey

With the Agent Magnet, you will be taught how to drastically cut overhead costs and expenses, from marketing bills to advertising expenses and more. You will also be given the opportunity to do multiple wholesale deals, to quickly fill your pipeline, if possible month after month. You will also learn how to sell properties before buying them, and you won’t need to put up another For Sale sign, or newspaper ad again.

Offering A Better System For Promoting Your Real Estate Business – Bob Massey

One of the best attributes of Bob Massey ‘s The Agent Magnet is that you will be provided with all the needed tools and resources for managing and marketing your real estate network. The course also includes scripts. Emails, postcards, flyers, online systems, as well as the techniques and strategies for effectively using these tools. You will also learn how to identify what’s hot and what’s not, so you won\t be wasting your time chasing down unmotivated buyers, sellers and low-quality properties. What’s probably one of the best things you’ll learn with the Agent Magnet is that you will be able to buy and sell houses with private money. A customized web site is also included in the course, along with proven templates, checklists, video courses and tutorials, audio CD’s and other pertinent forms.

Bob Massey has developed a program that bears the fruit of years of actual hands-on experience in doing short sales. He doesn’t consider himself a textbook guru like the other guys, who talk about nothing but nonsense and hype. While others may have a wonderful-sounding sales pitch,  they actually don;t make any real money at all. The Agent Magnet is  just like having an MBA in real estate short sale, and your mentors are armed with all the experience and expertise that you’ll require to become a successful realtor.

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May 9th, 2011

Dwan Twyford – Preforeclosures and Short Sales Done For You Program

Dwan Twyford

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Dwan Twyford – Preforeclosures and Short Sales Done For You Program

Dwan Twyford knows that foreclosures are a common problem today in recession-weary America. However, Dwan actually sees a silver lining to the the bleak picture facing the US today, because he has mastered the art of of making money from foreclosed properties. However, anyone who’s actively interested in investing in foreclosed will no doubt come across one major concern, and that is finding deals with equity. Here are some important insights offered by Dwan on pre-foreclosures and the process of doing short sales.

What Is A Short Sale?

With so many foreclosures out there today, one of the sad facts is that most homeowners actually owe what their property is worth. This explains why most investors suddenly walk away from deals that have no equity, because they either don’t know what to do with a no-equity deal. In this type of situation, a short sale can be done. What exactly is a short sale? A short sale, according to real estate experts like Dwan Twyford,  is a means of getting the bank to accept less than what is owned as payment in full.

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There are actually plenty of steps to ensure success when short selling mortgages. First, the real estate guy must be able to have the homeowner under control. This means that you can buy the mortgage and finish the foreclosure process, but you still cannot buy the property, because you will still need to work hand in hand with the homeowner if you plan to short sell a mortgage.

How You Work Out A Short Selling Process – Dwan Twyford

Here’s how the short selling process works. A homeowner will call the real estate agent to say he or she is in foreclosure. The agent meets the homeowner and has him or her sign an Authorization To Release form,  which gives the bank permission to speak to you about the account.

For example, if the homeowner owes the bank $95,000, then you, the agent,  are going to offer him or her $50,000. Next, you call the bank and talk with the guys and girls at the Loss Mitigation Department. This department tells the person handling the foreclosed homeowner’s account that you are helping the owner with his foreclosure, and you are willing to pay just $50,000 as payment in full. You fax the $50,000 sales contract tot he department,  along with some photos of the residence, as well as fill out a net sheet, which the company will provide you.

The next step, according to experts like Dwan Twyford,  is that the bank reviews the information and makes a decision afterward.  If ever the bank counters with an offer at $65,000, you counter back with a $55,000, and they accept. Banks, according to Dwan Twyford and other real estate experts, would rather short sale a mortgage rather than go to the tedious process of bringing the case to court. Banks of course, are not in the business of owning properties, especially lots of foreclosed mortgages.

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