Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Is Zib Zoom a Copycat of Kooday or Real Competition?

Zib Zoom seems to be similar to Kooday? What do they both have to do with the new trend of keyword trading?



I received a email in my inbox about Zib Zoom as I was deleting a bunch of junk mail, adding filters, and unsubscribing to list. Since I study marketing systems, funnels, and techniques, I said to myself, let me see what this is all about.

The content of the email contained info about getting paid when people log onto the Internet, do a search online, advertise online, play games online, or chat or socialize with there friends online! I thought to myself that this sounds really good, but it sounded like a program called , Kooday my good friend Evin Anderson is promoting. I’ll tell you more about kooday below. So you know the first thing I did was ask my other friend , Google to give me a little more info. Google took me to zib zoom’s website. I couldn’t find much info on that site.

I then researched the guy, Paul Birdall whos list I am on that sent me the email. He is an internet marketer. I remember signing up for a program called Streamline funnel system that he promoted in pre-launch last year that really never took off. That is always frustrating when you put energy behind something and it never takes off .  Anyway, my research on Paul led to some skeptical reviews of his ethics and practices. I am not surprised by this, since I find it easy to find negative info on anyone in business online these days, especially in the network marketing industry. This is due more or so because of the bad apple theory.

Now, when I researched Zib Zoom, I didn’t find much. Mostly what I found was was bias stuff that was obviously by independent representatives of the company.  Which is smart marketing by the way. They have a website for websearches and their website about the business opportunity looks nice. I couldn’t find anything about the ownership and who is behind the company. I see many opportunities like this come and go. And for those of you who know my philosophy, I like the ‘YOU Inc’ model when it comes to network marketing.

I am not promoting Zib Zoom in anyway. Nor am I promoting Kooday. I am promoting my Friend Evin Anderson who has Partnered with Kooday ( Evin’s Kooday page). Evin is a great guy. He is  studying the game of keyword research selling. He is a straight-up and hard-working leader. There is no doubt in my mind that he is on his way to greatness. I recommend anyone looking to partner with a leader in Kooday or in starting a home business to seek him out.

I find it interesting that zib zoom is jumping into the same game as Kooday. I would like for someone to actually do an unbias comparison review of the Kooday and Zib Zoom opportunities.

Kooday is designed to pinpoint what you’re looking for, through a stepped approach. Kooday is also new search engine, where you can own keywords, buy/sell to make money. You get paid from advertisement linked to your keywords. Since I attended to only write about 300 words and this article is overg 500 words, I will end it here.

Remember for more information or to join Kooday contact my friend Evin Anderson. Whether you are looking to join Kooday or Zib Zoom doesn’t matter if you do not know how to market your business. Contact me for a free Strategy session to market your home business.

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May 7, 2011

I do not see the difference between Zib Zoom, KoolDay as compared to Google AdWords. I do not want to spend what few pennies I have to OWN a keyword. I need to earn more pennies so I can!

May 8, 2011

I feel you. It makes sense to minimize your risk. I don’t think you can purchase or own the keywords in Google Adwords. Google don’t sell or lease key words like kooday, or zib zoom. They do allow you to post ads through their adsense program where you can make money. Zib zoom and Kooday business model is different. They offer you the opportunity to earn a percentage of the revenue the keyword generates in advertising. However this will only happen if they are successful in becoming a top search engine. In the mean time they allow you to make money by trading/selling the keyword to other subscribers. I hope this helps you.