Thursday, December 29th, 2011


I had a friend and fellow Entrepreneur recently call me up about Momentis.  I was interested in hearing why she got involve with Momentis and what they had to offer.  I was more interested in forming a joint venture with her because she has built big teams before in the past and has great leadership potential and Network Marketing skills.

Momentis is by Just Energy and operates in major cities and territories including London, Toronto, Barrie, Kingston, Ottawa and other parts of Canada. This is the marketing arm of Just Energy. Just Energy is the company known for  selling fixed rate gas and electricity prices. The business operations and reach of Just Energy are concentrated in 15 states and 5 provinces in Canada. But more than energy and electricity, the company also dabbles in Direct TV, Clear and Clear 4G.

The Momentis income overview

The compensation plan of Momentis is easy to understand just like the other MLMs out in the market right now. The investor will only need to do two things in order to start earning with Momentis- he can sign up new customers and build a team of new people who will do the same thing. The promise is that if one can do this on a consistent basis, then the stream of income will also flow non-stop.

There are five different ways on how one can earn in the network including;

•    Momentum Immediate Bonus
•    Mentor Bonus
•    My Team Bonus
•    My Leadership Bonus
•    Monthly Recurring Income

Under the Momentum Immediate Bonus arrangement, investors can immediately earn. You will need first to complete the online Certification. It is also important to enroll two new customers which will be reflected as 2 customer points in the first 30 days. If this is done then you become a Qualified Marketing Representative. Once you are in this stage, the more persons you enroll the better the bonuses. There is also the Mentor Bonus and this time you need to sponsor a new QMR in order to get this specialty bonus. Once you earn your $100 by enrolling two customers, you will get the Mentor Bonus. There’s no limit to the enrollees or bonuses.

There are five levels to take note here starting from the Marketing Representative to International Director with a bonus of $325. You can also count on the My Team Bonuses and this can be yours if you managed to get into the Regional Director position. When you sign up your first three representatives, then that will act as your first generation team. When you managed to set up your team, you will get the bonus. To continue the income stream, you will need to train your team so that they can duplicate your efforts. Once they sign up their first three representatives that serve as your second generation team and you earn bonus from it.

There’s the My Leadership Bonus where you get paid depending on how you develop your QMRs. For many members of the Momentis, the monthly recurring income is better. If the personal customers maintain their accounts, then this will be counted to your MRI. The income is paid on a monthly basis so when your customers pay in June you get your MRI in July. Thanks to this compensation scheme and good product line, distributors are looking up to Momentis.

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2 Responses

July 1, 2012
amthony gimmellie

Hi Chris, i was at the national when you were crown rvp for acn, browsing the web and came across you name. just wondering if you still in acn and if not why did you give it up, and also is delzino still in thanks

July 2, 2012

Chris is not in ACN anymore. He has moved on to other business ventures. To my Knowledge he is currently working the Organo Gold Network Marketing Opportunity. I have talked to Chris and he had several reasons from leaving ACN just like anyone who leaves working with one company/organization or like a pro athlete leaving one team to play for another team. As far as Delxino, he is doing his own thing with his own company.