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Cashing in on Distressed Homes

How Can You Cash in on Distressed Homes?

distressed homes

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The real estate market has definitely had happier times. The past three years has shown some of the lowest points in the recent decade of real estate history and a good number of investors and realtors have turned to other sources of income to compensate their decreasing income. This doesn’t mean though that the river of potential cash has completely dried out in the real estate industry, many investors have reported making profit and during the last year, home prices have finally steadied and posted some increase, because of a small and gradual rise to the number of homebuyers.

The economy though is far from being healthy, it may still take some time to fully recuperate and even though new job openings are now being offered, it’s still not enough to create a surge in real estate demand. That’s why many home buyers today are looking for low cost housing which they can afford. Many of these “affordable” homes come from real estate investors who have tapped on the Distressed Homes market, which accounted to one in every three home sales last November, for properties which can be easily developed and sold for a low price.

Types of Distressed Homes

Distressed Homes comprise of real estate properties which have been foreclosed, owner has defaulted, bank owned, or from short sales. With the high negative impact of the economic slump, resulting to millions of people losing their jobs, many homeowners have defaulted on their mortgages, foreclosed their houses because of debts, or sold their homes at a greatly reduced price. This has allowed many real estate investors to be able to purchase properties at very low prices and create flexible and affordable deals to entice home buyers. Investors were able to provide an average fifteen percent discount as of November for Distressed Homes. In fact, reports have shown that 34 percent of distressed home sales were from foreclosed properties.

And with the recent economic stability and new found jobs, more people are now able to afford to buy these homes giving investors a promising future. Plus, with a survey commissioned by showing that 9 out of 10 respondents satisfied with their recent home purchase, a trend is now developing which can lead to an increase in property value.

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In another survey, many Americans who are currently renting have expressed their desire to become homeowners. While many of them may not be able to afford to buy a home now, or qualify for financing, the upward growth in the economy, plus the growing number of job openings will change all that. And with a slow and gradual growth of the financial state of our citizens, it’s easy to see that many of these would be owners would be looking towards getting good deals out of distressed homes.

Many still remain skeptic, afraid of taking risk in a real estate market that has seen better days in the past, but in many investments, speculation and good instincts can be key factors.

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