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Minh Pham – Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques

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Minh Pham – Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques

Minh Pham has for the past twelve years been helping homeowners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, investors, small business owners, landlord and real estate investors to turn their fortunes around. With the recent release of the Turnkey Software for Successful Real Estate Investors, Minh Pham has been hailed for developing probably one of the most comprehensive real estate program today. The Turnkey system has also received a positive reception from both local and national real estate associations and boards. Here’s a review of Minh’s Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options, Subject To’s and Other Creative Real Estate Investing Techniques.

What The Turnkey Philosophy Is About

Because of the recent recession, many investors today have began changing their investment priorities, as well as their plans of action. The days of speculation and volatility are out, while the need for safe and steady returns is back. The Turnkey investing philosophy basically teaches you how to build, invest and manage your real estate portfolio with lease options and other innovative techniques. You also learn how to use lease-options to properly build your portfolio, as well as how to generate steady cash flows. You will also be taught how to find the appropriate real estate market to safely put your investment in.

What’s Included In The Course – Minh Pham

Minh Pham’s course teaches budding real estate investors a lot of helpful techniques and tricks to stay afloat in the market. Among the things that you will learn are how to set up  your business to minimize taxes and risks. You will also learn how to achieve financial independence with monthly cash flow from creative real estate investing. The course also provides helpful insights on how to tap at least five sources of good lead generation, how to get motivated sellers calling you, how to market for homes the simple way, how to make money buying houses that others simply pass by, and how to buy from landlords who need you.

Helpful Advice on How To Evade Common Real Estate Market Traps – Minh Pham

Minh Pham’s course also provides realtors with sound advice on how to steer clear of the common real estate market traps today. You will learn how to avoid evictions and foreclosures, how to avoid liability and take out part of your profit tax-free, how to protect yourself from litigation using an LLC, how to sell houses without needing to fix them, and how to get money out before you close.

Armed with a degree in Decision Information Sciences from Maryland University, Minh Pham has already released a number of popular, street-wise books which teach independent investors on how to innovatively invest in the current real estate market.

The Turnkey Profits Using Lease Options book , like Minh’s other books, generally go against the traditional financial community mindset, and is geared for independent investors who do not wish to swim with the tide.

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