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Aislee Jackson

Aislee Jackson

Aislee Jackson – #1 Home Business Strategist

My story is like many others who have struggled through many stages of life and then my story is unique with the combination of my experiences.

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Aislee Jackson is a leading home-based business and Real-Estate entrepreneur.

One of his favorite strategies is creating cashflow with a home business to fund real-estate ventures that are tax free.

He is an expert in Real-Estate Investing using a creative approach.  He specializes in helping solves real-estate problems for home sellers with solutions to help sellers solve their RE problems such as over-leveraged property, stopping foreclosure, or selling a house that won’t sell because of its condition or various other reasons. He also works other investors through joint venture partnerships and various other ways to assist them in reaching their Real Estate entrepreneur goals.

Aislee Jackson grew up in Historic and beautiful Savannah GA. He attended several colleges such as Georgia Tech, Savannah State University, University of Phoenix and through persistence received a Bachelors degree in Small Business & Entrepreneurship. He is currently working with the local government as a business approval coordinator & has also obtained a MBA from Mercer University. He was formally Introduced to the world of network marketing in 1999. The experience was a life changing one for him. This was the first time someone actually mentored him and had a vested interest in his success. The relationships, knowledge, and skills obtained are attributes he uses to this day in other aspects of life as well as in building very productive teams. In return he shares proven marketing strategies with others to help them build a successful home-based business that can consistently generate significant income per month in your HNB (Hip-National-Bank AKA Your Pocket)

In 2001, Aislee Jackson added Real-Estate Investing to his list of Entrepreneurial activities by rummaging through his father’s closet and located a box containing Carlton Sheet’s Real-Estate Investing Home Study course. He partnered with his parents leveraging their credit, contacts, and credibility. He was able to have success using these new resources with his new found ‘Ignorance On Fire’ Knowledge mixed with a few strategies, techniques, and his never quit desire-to-succeed. Together they purchased a 4 unit mix-use building containing a barbershop, sand-which shop(cafe), an efficiency apartment, and a three bedroom apartment while making tons of mistakes through the process. After 3 years of managing tenant situations, filing evictions, making repairs, paying mortgage, insurance, and taxes we sold the building netting 68K at closing after all cost. This was more money I had ever seen or earned at that point in my life in one payment. The partnership divided the proceeds 3 ways and this signified the start of Aislee’s creative real-estate career.

Since then, Aislee Jackson has gone on the learn from and work with National Real-Estate Trainers such as Ron Legrand, Russ Whitney, Alan Cowgill, Lou Brown, John Burley, and many more well known trainers. He has bought, sold, or participated  millions of dollars of real-estate and has helped many people along the way solve real-estate problems with property that wouldn’t sell, was in pre-foreclosure, needed repairs, abandoned, or tied up in estate issues. During the recession after 2007 times got really tough. Aislee experienced being equity rich and cash poor after a change in the market. He experienced the benefit of having cashflow properties to offset other business ventures that had him spread to thin. He experienced going through a financial disaster or nightmare as a result. He survived the recession taking a huge loss while others gave up. That type of experience is hard to help others to avoid or to overcome if you haven’t experienced it. It has helped prepare Aislee to establish a stronger foundation as he moves forward.

Aislee Jackson has taken his passion for helping others create success from home and his passion for Real-Estate Investing to create a very unique perspective and model on building wealth in today’s economy. He loves helping to create- win-win-win solutions to solve real-estate and cashflow problems using his model of creative strategies and techniques.

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-Aislee Jackson

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