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March 19th, 2013

North American Power

North American Power or NAPower is an energy company that makes use of the MLM model to expand and deliver its products and services. The company capitalizes on energy opportunities as it becomes deregulated in many states. At the rate things are going, the energy deregulation will expand into other states which mean that the North American Power may widen its base once again sooner or later. The company is based in Norwalk, Connecticut and currently serves the states of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Maryland. At the helm of the company are two individuals with combined 50 years experience in the industry, Kerry Bart and Carey Turnbull.

The market and promise of North American Power

Forbes Magazine listed North American Power in its Most Promising List. In that article, it pointed out that the company supplies electricity and the bulk of the electricity is sourced from renewable sources like water and wind and generated near and around the east coast. North American Power directly competes with the traditional utilities in the three states and the company does a good job of buying energy in the wholesale market and delivering energy at a much lower cost.

A quick check of the corporate website reveals that by working with the company, the customer or household can save money by effectively jumping into their energy services. Compared to other MLM companies, North American Power is in an enviable position because it already has a captive market.

The only challenge for interested dealers and investors is convincing people into making the shift from traditional utilities to their energy services. Because the energy services are deemed cheaper, then it’s easier to convince new customers into trying the services.

Another feature of the service is that there are no additional costs involved if one will switch providers. Also, there are no penalties that will be incurred if one switches back. From marketing stand point, the promise will easily convert an outsider to become a distributor.

So how does one make money with North American Power? To become a distributor, you can get started with $49 but if you are a college student and wants to get involved with the company then sign up comes for free. Just like other networking models, there are different approaches to the compensation plan. Instant income can be yours in the form of one-time customer.

You can get $15 for signing up a residential customer and another $40 bonus for a business account. Your wallet gets additional $100 if you sponsor a new person and help him get 5 customers of his in the first 30 days. There’s also residual income here if you can build your base customers. There’s an additional $5 if some people from the group acquires or activates another customer.

The compensation plan looks promising and with a service that is generally used by the population, the future with North American Power looks bright for the right person who can work over time. With a product required by all, it’s not surprising if there are new applicants lining up with North American Power.