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December 28th, 2011

Robert Dean Jr Jumps to Limu

Robert Dean & Aislee

Robert Dean & Aislee

It’s a common story told in networking and MLM circles about top distributors and senior members shifting loyalties. In a fast-paced business where the demands of the business and promise of growth are overwhelming, these kinds of  movements are to be expected. And just like in the corporate world where talent piracy is common, the MLM industry is also prone to this covering the top names in the business. You can count on Robert Dean as one industry insider who managed to help one company and shift to another one for growth and more opportunities.

He has a checkered history and portfolio when it comes to networking. He started with some of the well-known network marketing companies  in the United States and the rest of the world. After serving TNI and ACN he also worked for MonaVie, Evolv Health and ViSalus.
After all these moves, Robert Dean is now with LIMU International, and the way he has been posting videos and releases about his latest move it seems that Dean has found the MLM company that he is looking for all along. Dean has more than 16 years of experience in the business and networking marketing and he says that his transfer to LIMU is one of the best decisions he made so far.

There are a number of questions were asked about the latest move of Robert Dean. These are expected and Dean manages to answer all these through his interviews and videos. There are a number of reasons why he made the bold move from company to the next includes profitability and offers promise of growth and development. He believes that LIMU has the promise to be the next big thing and says that his stint with LIMU will be 5 years minimum stay.

Now as a bigwig in LIMU, Dean has set his sights on his personal goal of helping the company create new millionaires and helping them get the financial freedom that they deserve. Based on the press releases, Robert Dean hit the ground running when he joined the LIMU management and he also became a 100K LIMU member on his first 10 days in the company which is a record in the history of LIMU Incorporated. In a statement he said that he had seen and evaluated a number of companies and what he saw in LIMU Incorporated is a focused company headed by a former distributor.

Anchored on the Fucoidan, he said that the team of Gary J. Raser has built a group that knows the ins and outs of the typical life of a distributor. Dean also added that he love the concept of the Distributor First’ mentality and added that he is with LIMU because the company empowers him to become a top distributor.

The latest move of Robert Dean may open up a few questions and put a focus on his being a deal-maker and a person who has earned hefty bonuses for each move. But one thing can’t be denied; he always becomes an asset to the team he joins.

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March 19th, 2011

Get Started in Real Estate Investing through your Home-Based Network Marketing Business and the Internet

Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Who Else Wants To Get Started

Are You ready to Get Started in Real Estate Investing by using your Home-Based Network Marketing Business and the Internet as a stepping stone.

Despite the recent economic downturn, many still believe that going into real estate investing can be the answer to their dreams of financial freedom. None can be further than the truth. A lot of financially independent people have made their personal wealth through real estate investing and because they were able to do this wisely. Its true then and it’s still true now.
People will always need a place to stay in and as the population grows bigger, the demand for real estate would always be present. But not everyone can be a player in this financially rewarding investment method, for one, it needs a sizable capital to begin with. Unless you have the god given talent of being an exceptional athlete to get to the pros, or insanely skilled at any form of entertainment, and be able to get the right breaks, you need to get your capital the good old fashion way, earn it.

Saving up your salary can be a good idea, but it’s not an option for everyone. If you want to make money now, then you need to take advantage of the two most potent elements in the business community today, network marketing and the internet. Plus, with the popular option of doing online network marketing as a home based operation, you can be your own boss at a fraction of a startup cost, do the tasks in your own pace and time, and still be able to maintain your regular jobs,

until of course you have made enough to get started in real estate investing and building your fortune.

Network marketing relies on several structures that allows everyone to benefit through the efforts of everyone involved in the trade and has already establish a solid foundation in the online community for almost any type of business, and for those who want to get started in real estate investing, it is also now gaining a solid toe hold.

Think about it, once you get to fully understand how network marketing works, and eventually save enough to get started in real estate investing, you can make use of this knowledge and experience and apply it to your real estate investments.

Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, discusses in one of his other books, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People, how a very successful Real Estate Investor friend of his uses Network Marketing as a means to help other new investors acquire not only the money but the skills to be successful in Real Estate.

We all know how the internet has grown to be a daily part of our lives, both socially and commercially. It is rare for any highly driven business to be without a web presence today. And with many similar businesses creating their virtual offices, it is just good business sense to just work together for growth rather than waste efforts, time, and expenses competing with each other.

As each home based real estate investor build and grow their network, they are able to multiply their chances of finding potential real estate buyers and sellers, and even find other investors which can make their business grow and expand.

Going online is the best option now for anyone who wants to break free from financial constraints. For just a little of your time each day, and some efforts in doing your research and making connections, you can build a marketing network that will provide you amazing support building your capital, and eventually, your real estate empire so you too can get started in real estate investing

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