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April 14th, 2011

Build your Home-Based Network Marketing Business Using Social Network Sites

Building your Home-Based Network Marketing Business Using Social Network Sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Think about it, you are trying to build a network, and social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in has already established a phenomenal community size which can give you fast and immediately available leads or potential network partners. The key here is to be able to create lasting trust based relationships with your network and attract leads. As you create new “friends” you are opening up more opportunities to meet new leads.

With millions of people spending a significant period each day socializing and interacting in sites like MySpace, you will have a priceless opportunity to integrate your home based Network Marketing Business without making them feel that you are there just to make money. And it all starts by joining these sites.

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Joining social network sites is extremely easy. All you need to do is to register, mostly using a legitimate email address, then create your profile. Here you will need to get your creative juice flowing. You need to be able to create a profile that doesn’t intimidate or overwhelm.  Start with a nice warm smiling picture of you clearly showing your face. Capture the interest of others by putting a tag line on your profile page. It shouldn’t sound too much as a sales pitch but still be able to subtly denote your network marketing business. Try to change it from time to time to keep it fresh. Provide some information about yourself, but not too much. Keep it light and relaxed; give them some of your interests, hobbies, and a short background to briefly establish your credentials.

The next thing that you need to do is to start building your social network. Add friends. Search for profiles of other similar network marketing businesses and add them to your account network. Just keep on adding as many as you can. There are already many established home based network marketing groups with thousands of members with their own social site accounts. Create your presence by briefly interacting with members of a particular group alternatively on a daily basis. When you add friends, make sure that you don’t add more than 30 each day so that the site won’t deem you to be a bot.

As your friends list grow, build your reputation as an expert by providing notes and advices and establish yourself as a leader. When you have done so, you can then start your own network marketing group creating another account for that group. Maintain your membership and followers and grow your numbers by providing them with tips and advices on a regular basis, just don’t suffocate the page with too much ads and sales pitches.

Create incentive based strategies that will not only be rewarding but also fun. Try the different apps using html tags available for free. Although you should maintain a professional environment for your network marketing group, make sure to still have some fun, relax, and make it enjoyable for everyone.

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I hope this article was useful to you and a insightful read for you. It was fulfilling for me to write. I love sharing information to help you grow your Network Marketing Business. Don’t forget to subscribe to my news letter for more tips and strategies.

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April 5th, 2011

Dustin Griffin Exposed – Super Smart Websites for the Serious Real Estate Investor

Is Dustin Griffin A Super Smart Website Developer or a Super Smart Real Estate Investor?

Dustin Griffin

Dustin Griffin Website Bonus

Since 1996, Dustin Griffin considered himself to be self-unemployed. After creating hundreds of web sites for other real estate agents and companies, Dustin decided to delve on the real estate market himself, and purchase a few properties himself. While Dustin initially encountered a lot of problems that most real estate investors faced, he continued with his quest, Soon, he found out that realtors faced difficulties such as lack of marketing exposure, few leads, lack of pre-screening system, lack of follow-up system,  lack of organization, support staff, little credit and cash flow, and more.

After taking a few short courses with the nation’s top real estate experts, Dustin Griffin ‘s career began to take flight as he began implementing the strategies and techniques that he developed. One of Dustin’s amazing creations is the Super Smart Web Sites. Here’s more about the Super Smart Web sites for the serious real estate investor.

How Dustin Griffin Automated The Real Estate Investing Process

Faced with too many problems such as lack of marketing exposure, lack of leads and more, Dustin Griffin soon began developing a system for simplifying, and automating the real estate process. Because he was a web site developer, he began creating an online business management and lead management system to automate much of the real estate processes’ mundane tasks. The online tools he created were surprisingly easy to use, and he now was able to get others involved in his business by telling them how to use the online tools he created. This allowed him to expand his marketing abilities using the same amount of time and money he was already spending.

How Dustin Griffin & The Super Smart Web Sites Can Help Budding Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

With the Super Smart Web Sites, Dustin Griffin has created a system that allows Investors to simplify the whole process. The web site provides credibility to Investors, because it allows buyers and sellers to check you out, and have all their questions answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Super Smart Web sites also provides real estate investors with more marketing exposure, with the help of a professional-looking real estate investing web address.

How Dustin Griffin Automated The Pre-Screening and Negotiation System

Through Super Smart Web sites, a Investor’s pre-screening and pre-negotiation process is now fully automated. This enables a investor to pre-screen and pre-negotiate his or her prospects, before he even sees them. By having an automated pre-screening and negotiation process , a Investor will be able to save time that would otherwise be spent dealing with unmotivated buyer sand sellers.

And aside from keeping manual tabs on dozens, if not hundreds of incoming buyer and seller leads, the Super Smart web sites system allows investors to organize their leads, and other pertinent documentation and files. Now ainvestor can direct buyers and sellers to the web site. And have a live operator answer queries for him. This also helps investors go paperless, because the web site will email all your leads, store them and keep them in an organized database. The Super Smart Web sites that Dusting Griffin created also is equipped with a Follow-Up System, where investors can easily log-in and sift or sort through hundreds or thousands of leads that are accumulated. The system overall allows investors to make offers fast, and sell houses quickly too.

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