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March 22nd, 2013

Montrel Jackson

Montrel Jackson started out as a systems engineer but has found his true calling in network marketing. He is best known as one of the famous and most influential members of ACN, an MLM company. He ascended to the elite status of a ‘Circle of Champion’ top leader and has earned the position of Regional Vice President before co-founding 1Voice Worldwide. He also joined YTB, Kyani and also Organo Gold.

Life before MLM, ACN  and Organo Gold

Montrel Jackson initially worked for the corporate world believing that the corporate jungle and the boardrooms will bring him the success that he wants in life. But this was not to be as Jackson soon realized the harsh realities of the corporate world and the corporate structure that the same thing he loves also limits is potential for growth and development.

Montrel Jackon continued to work and grow with company; unfortunately he met the proverbial glass ceiling of his company that was difficult to shatter. He worked long hours with the company and served with dedication but all these ingredients didn’t help him get what he wants and to a position that he wants to be in. and then ACN entered the picture together with the MLM world. When the company was introduced to him, he was immediately converted and captivated by the unlimited potential of the company and the whole business in itself.

He started out his small business in Atlanta and thanks to his efforts; the southeast market thrived under his watch and guidance. He was a keen trainer looking not just to earn money but help others earn theirs as well.

Montrel Jackson as one of the co-founders of 1Voice Worldwide

Montrel Jackson is also known as one of the founders of 1Voice Worldwide together with Ken Robinson, Sam Orum and James Dentley. All of them are former Regional Vice Presidents of an internationally known telecommunications firm and have formed the 1Voice Worldwide. Though they have formed their own company, it is said that Montrel Jackson and the rest are still being paid as RVPs since they are qualified to receive the payments.

It was an amicable partnership and settlement and they parted with their former company in good terms. Montrel Jackson and his team positioned the new company to capitalize the boom on the use of the VOIP or the Voice over Internet Protocol technology and the growth of the use of wireless communications. The 1Voice Worldwide is a Black-owned company.

Montrel Jackson was also involved with Kyani and reached the Senior Director position. Kyani is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and envisions improved health for its members and customers and at the same time helping customers and members generate additional income. He also served the YTB and has gained significant success as well with this MLM Company and significantly earned Leadership Bonuses along the way. Right now, Montrel Jackson is with Organo Gold and the Organo Gold University.



March 17th, 2013

Organo Gold – Holton Buggs

‘From the ground to the cup, one person at a time’- this is the way the brains behind Organo Gold lead by Holton Buggs brand package their Multi Level Marketing. The group has been ‘taking’ the market by storm if the recent figures and press releases are to be believed. The numbers suggest that the organization has been experiencing exponential growth, and for this year the substantial growth cannot be denied. Organo Gold insiders said that it has signed 13,000++ customers and distributors in June 2011. Thanks to these new recruits, the group’s base has swelled to 165,000 distributors. This is a big push for an already BIG company that registered sales of $60 million for 2010 and a projected $10 million per month in 2011.

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Who is Holton Buggs in Organo Gold?

Of course, there are faces behind the gold mine of Organo Gold. Some of the well-known names attached to this MLM include Edwin Haynes, David Imonitie, Holton Buggs, Ramon Fulcher and Rod Smith and a few more. Among this elite list, a famous member of the group is Holton Buggs. He is a veteran in the MLM business where he started with Amway. He ventured into Sales Team Systems which he helped transform from a $6 million company to a $50 million company. He is also an author having written ‘How to Turn Your Network Marketing into a Cash Cow’ and ‘Conversations on Success’.

So what makes Organo Gold and the group ticks in the eyes of consumers and businessmen involved in MLM? The concept is generally similar with other MLM marketing companies and that is to offer a product for sale to members and potential customers. At the core of the operations, sales and distribution is coffee- different types of coffee that don’t just deliver the early morning kick, but a coffee known for its use of a mushroom called Ganoderma. Considered as a mushroom of immortality, this is the main component of their coffee products and other derivatives thus offering customers and clients a more healthful choice for coffee. Of course, coffee is just the start for all MLMs, Organo Gold is not exempted.

What’s the compensation plan in Organo Gold?

The program actually pays out and the initial revenues come from ‘New Business’ that is channeled through the Dual Team set-up. But there’s a cap on this structure at $500 to $75k a week and affected by the qualified rank. As the member advances to the Elite Group, there’s no limit to the back-end and not capped including the residual and re-order revenue. The structure starts from uni-level, matching bonus, generational bonus and the global bonus. The good news about the compensation plan is that this is designed to achieved, at 7 figures per month.

But just like other MLMs in the market, Organo Gold and the team led by Holton Buggs are at the receiving end of  complaints with some former clients calling the business as scam. Some say Organo Gold is now saturated, and it is said that it’s nearly impossible for one to make the same amount of money. But almost all MLMs are subject to this complaint including Mary Kay so the prospects should be aware and make sure that whatever program you join has great leadership and is innovative to keep the opportunity attractive.

Holton Buggs is a powerhouse Top producer in the Network Marketing Industry and Honestly one of The Best Trainers in the business. Discover Holtons’s secrets that he and other Top Producers Use to Build  large teams and take their business To The Next Level click here

March 14th, 2013

Sam Orum of 1 Voice Worldwide

Sam Orum

Throwback Picture – Me & Sam Orum early 2000’s

Sam Orum is considered as one of the bigger voices when it comes to MLM and network marketing. He is one of the co-founders of 1Voice Worldwide. Before his venture with this new company, he was also a member of a couple of MLM companies and along the way he discovered the keys to effective ways to build his brand. He was a former member of ACN and along the way earned the position of Regional Vice President before breaking off with the group to form his own network Marketing Company.

So Who is Sam Orum?

Sam Orum is the president and the co-founder of 1Voice Worldwide Incorporated and also an advisor to the Major Way Movement Inc. The company that he founded together with other MLM veterans started as a national telecoms and energy provider with a wide service and product range from VoIP and wireless electricity and gas. This is also known as the only Black-owned telecom and energy provider in the United States. Before he took networking seriously, he attended the Florida A & M University where he led the world-famous Florida A & M University Marching Band.

Sam Orum during his collegiate days was also a 2-time President of the Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity. He is also a financial coach and has received the international recognition after reaching the post of Regional Vice President of a leading multi-million company while focusing also on his own business in network marketing, sports, music and he even an own restaurant. He was also made as a Director for the Fraser Net Power Networking Conference, a premier networking association of Black Leaders in the United States.

Sam Orum is a powerhouse Top producer in the Network Marketing Industry and Honestly one of The Best Trainers in the business. Discover Sam’s secrets that he and other Top Producers Use to Build  large teams and take their business To The Next Level click here

1Voice Worldwide and Sam Orum

Sam Orum founded 1Voice Worldwide with friends, and started as the only Black-owned telecom and energy provider in the US with the objective of offering long distances services, gas and electric services in 42 states. The company has since transitioned into the health and wellness industry. Also, a social media company was added into the mix and is still under development.

Sam has grand dreams for the company and the members of the network. He sees the company as a proven leader when it comes to creating opportunities for families and members around the world. When one becomes a member of the network, he will have access to the opportunity and will be given the chance to travel, meet people and get financial rewards. Sam and the company thrive in the mission ‘People First’. He said that 1Voice has been successful to his understanding of the many ways on how to brand and market the brand.

On top of networking, Sam Orum is also committed to community empowerment. Orum has initiated the ‘It’s Our Time Tour’ which is focused on wealth, prosperity and health. His work with ACN and 1Voice are never enough; he also works and serves several boards that represent different business interests. And for every organization and board he joins, he brings in a track record of success and unrivaled experience in MLM and networking.

My Relationship with Sam Orum

I personally have known Sam for many years. He was one of my first mentors in business and in network marketing. He spent time helping in developing my business skills that he didn’t have to. I will forever remember a time early in my entrepreneur days in MLM. I was very frustrated and depressed because I wasn’t having much success. Most of my family and friends weren’t very supportive of my new venture into business and most wouldn’t even take the time to even look at what I was doing. I called Sam and only reached his voicemail. Since, I just met him at the time, I didn’t really expect him to return my call. To my surprise he did. It meant alot because I was ready to quit prior to the call. That is why I don’t underestimate the power of encouraging words and supporting others dreams and goals. I learned along time ago, if I don’t have a better solution for you, then I refrain from tearing down anyone’s hopes. Sam’s sincere caring helped me develop to the leader I am today.

Since that time, one of the greatest blessings I received was a changed mindset and the ability to adjust my perception. Since perception is reality for most people, if you can change your perception, then you can change your reality. I changed some friends and reunited with old associates that became lifelong friends & confidants, like my close friend Daniel Shorter. I reconnected with Danny when I met Sam. Knowing that Danny was working with Sam was confirmation to me that Sam was good people and that it was ok to begin to let my guards down because I knew Danny and his family. Through this connection, I met other leaders in Business that I connect with to this day.

Sam Orum is a powerhouse Top producer in the Network Marketing Industry and Honestly one of The Best Trainers in the business. Discover Sam’s secrets that he and other Top Producers Use to Build  large teams and take their business To The Next Level click here



December 28th, 2011

Robert Dean Jr Jumps to Limu

Robert Dean & Aislee

Robert Dean & Aislee

It’s a common story told in networking and MLM circles about top distributors and senior members shifting loyalties. In a fast-paced business where the demands of the business and promise of growth are overwhelming, these kinds of  movements are to be expected. And just like in the corporate world where talent piracy is common, the MLM industry is also prone to this covering the top names in the business. You can count on Robert Dean as one industry insider who managed to help one company and shift to another one for growth and more opportunities.

He has a checkered history and portfolio when it comes to networking. He started with some of the well-known network marketing companies  in the United States and the rest of the world. After serving TNI and ACN he also worked for MonaVie, Evolv Health and ViSalus.
After all these moves, Robert Dean is now with LIMU International, and the way he has been posting videos and releases about his latest move it seems that Dean has found the MLM company that he is looking for all along. Dean has more than 16 years of experience in the business and networking marketing and he says that his transfer to LIMU is one of the best decisions he made so far.

There are a number of questions were asked about the latest move of Robert Dean. These are expected and Dean manages to answer all these through his interviews and videos. There are a number of reasons why he made the bold move from company to the next includes profitability and offers promise of growth and development. He believes that LIMU has the promise to be the next big thing and says that his stint with LIMU will be 5 years minimum stay.

Now as a bigwig in LIMU, Dean has set his sights on his personal goal of helping the company create new millionaires and helping them get the financial freedom that they deserve. Based on the press releases, Robert Dean hit the ground running when he joined the LIMU management and he also became a 100K LIMU member on his first 10 days in the company which is a record in the history of LIMU Incorporated. In a statement he said that he had seen and evaluated a number of companies and what he saw in LIMU Incorporated is a focused company headed by a former distributor.

Anchored on the Fucoidan, he said that the team of Gary J. Raser has built a group that knows the ins and outs of the typical life of a distributor. Dean also added that he love the concept of the Distributor First’ mentality and added that he is with LIMU because the company empowers him to become a top distributor.

The latest move of Robert Dean may open up a few questions and put a focus on his being a deal-maker and a person who has earned hefty bonuses for each move. But one thing can’t be denied; he always becomes an asset to the team he joins.

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February 4th, 2011

Get Serious Cash with Top Tier Direct Sales Programs

You Can Get Serious Cash with Top Tier Direct Sales Programs

Top Tier Direct Sales

Top Tier King of Direct Sales

One of the reasons why Multi-Level Marketing or MLM programs are getting a bad rep is because of the low returns and it takes a long time to build a downline large enough to create a volume of sales to recoup your initial investment and even longer to realize auto-shipment of products and the group to create a residual income large enough for you to quit your day job and concentrate on the program. Many of those who have tried MLM marketing quit long before they get the chance to make any money or at least get back their investments thinking that only those in the top tier of the MLM program makes the serious money.

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In many ways, this is true. So using that concept, direct sales marketing has evolved and has now come up with a new business model, the top tier direct sales business program.

This new home based business is now attracting many disgruntled MLM investors and is being recommended by online marketing experts. Why? Because everything that people despise about MLM is virtually removed from Top Tier programs, one of which, wait for it, getting your money back almost immediately!

The Top Tier Direct Sales business model is also known as a Get Paid Today or GPT program.

This means that you don’t have to recruit a number of persons before you can cover your initial investment as well as start to realize profits or commissions. Depending on the company and type of Top Tier program you are enrolled in, you can get out of the red as early as getting two sales or recruits. Commissions are typically based on the difference between the wholesale cost of the product and the retail price or it could be through a one-time income through the recruitment of another member. You don’t need to rely on a long term residual income in small percentages to eventually cover your startup cost commonly practiced with MLM. Studies have shown that lower tiered MLM practitioners quit only after 4 or 5 recruits due to the difficulty of the recruiting process.

Also, Top Tier Direct Sales programs command a higher cost of entry of about 10 to 15 times in MLM, which is designed to filter out non-functioning down-lines which don’t contribute to the growth of the group. This means that you get a cluster of serious Top Tier Direct Sales members that are in the program with the intent to MAKE IT BIG. This is network marketing at its best.

Because Top Tier Direct Sales programs require higher startup costs, many companies provide excellent training programs to aid their networkers, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best. Plus, this sets a strict qualification process and only those that can confidently invest, have them skills, can join the network, giving it a higher chance of being lucrative.

Top Tier Direct Sales programs are increasingly popular today,

while it may not be as big as MLM, it is not designed to be so. Not everybody are fit to be part of this business model because not everybody have the skills nor the dedication to be a part of a home based networking business program that requires serious dedication in making serious profit.