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December 5th, 2011

Get More Acreage in Your Investment with Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate

Wholesale Real Estate Benefits

If you associate the term “wholesale” with great savings, then that is what you will exactly get when you buy wholesale real-estate. And as the old business maxim goes, buy low, sell high. That is the way you make profits. Wholesale Real Estate is now regarded as the top investment in the real estate market. And although some may say that real estate is not really a wise investment in a recession period, Wholesale Real Estate will change their minds.

The recession is one of the factors that have made Wholesale Real Estate profitable. Many people who can’t afford to fix their homes, relocating because of lost jobs, facing foreclosure, or is unloading an extra home because they can’t afford the upkeep, are looking to sell their homes fast, and when this happens, the prices commonly drop. It is known to many real estate experts that a recession will lower property prices by 5 percent or more, factor in the urgency of the seller to turn their homes into cash. This will spell huge savings and equal to bigger profits, you do the math.

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Most real estate investors today love to do house flipping projects, not only are they able to purchase the property at highly reduced prices, but also be able to get huge return for the repairs and improvements that they will do. Many investors though don’t have the time, expertise, or wide network to be able to look for properties to turn into their cash cow. And that’s why many of them have turned towards wholesale real-estate.

In a nutshell, wholesale real estate is about investing in real estate purchased from a wholesaler. They look for homes and other properties, negotiate with the owner, purchase the property and list it for sale as is. These properties have high potential to earn good profits for their investors. They are usually fixer uppers, or neglected homes that with a little grease elbow and some money, could be made into a great home that many would love to purchase for a profitable sum.

Wholesale retailers usually get the properties at very low prices, because of the state they are in, or because of the reduced purchase price from those who are in a rush to sell their property. They then pass this savings on to other investors giving them huge discounts to be able to realize a profit.

For many newbies to the real estate market, this is a great deal for you. This is because you won’t have to make all the haggling, searching, and negotiating to get a good price on a property. Wholesalers will do this for you, and you just have to look at their listings, usually, wholesalers have a great number of homes to choose from, no more need to go around looking for properties and haggling with realtors.

Be sure though that you deal with reputable wholesalers. Look for those that have vast experience and knowledge in the wholesaling business. Many of those that can be trusted doesn’t only sell you a house, they can also help you out in selling it, and even show you the ropes in wholesaling if you ever decide to become one yourself.


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February 14th, 2011

A Basic Checklist for Investors Before Buying from a Real Estate Wholesaler in Savannah, GA

Buying from a Real Estate Wholesaler is perhaps the best option there is for any real estate investor,

Real Estate Wholesaler

Best Real Estate Wholesaler

and the best part of it is that you can get as much as forty percent off from the estimated purchase price allowing you to make more profit. And because a Real Estate Wholesaler will do all the “pre-buying” work for you, you can be able to concentrate on many other aspects of the business, like flipping the property. And also, when you enlist with a wholesaler in their investors list, you will be constantly updated with any properties that you may be interested in, allowing you to seize real estate profit opportunities even if you are busy with other activities.

Don’t get blinded though by the glitter of the great savings that you can get from a Real Estate Wholesaler just yet,

not all shiny things are made of gold. Before purchasing, you should first check out and look deep whether the property has the potential to generate money. Here are some important factors that you should look into to help you determine if a property is profitable before you sign an agreement.

First do your research. Learn about the market in the area where the property is located. Look at the average market price for properties similar to the one being offered to you. Learn about the trends in area, including the price fluctuation, as well as the buying and selling frequency.

It is also extremely important that you are able to do an ocular inspection, don’t base your decision on pictures and video clips of the property your first time working with a Real Estate Wholesaler. Look around the area; discover the reason of the seller for selling the property.

Location is extremely important. You just don’t look at the property, you look around the neighborhood. Is it a desirable one where people would want to move into? Is it near a lot of disturbances like industrial centers? Is the location near a busy and noisy highway or business area? These factors can greatly reduce its price as well as the chances of you selling it. Convenience is also a key factor, especially in commute. It should be in a good distance from schools and from places of employment.

Inspect the property, look at the condition of the house and make a note of what needs to be done to improve, fix, or flip it around to make it sellable. Compute how much it will cost you to do this. See how much profit you will be able to generate based on the estimated market price. Now, if you are going to spend more than the amount of discount that the wholesaler offers, then turn it down.

Don’t be afraid to use the services of experts. They can help you determine the value of a property, as well as give you great insight when inspecting it. They can also give you accurate estimates on how much you will spend to turn the property into one that buyers will want.  There are other real estate investors in Savannah and you may lose a great opportunity. Working with experts will help you act fast in determining whether it is a good deal or not.

Most importantly, always work with a reputable and well established Real Estate wholesaler,

one that is not only able to provide you with the best prices, locations, and deals, but also be able to help you with the different aspects of your real estate investments. Savannah GA Best Wholesale Real Estate Deals

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