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November 25th, 2010

Virtual Real Estate -The New Real-Estate

So What The Heck Is Virtual Real Estate!

Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real Estate

While on my way to Atlanta GA to spend Thanksgiving with family, I was thinking about my business, my family, and the future and began to have a feeling of excitement brewing in my gut. It was kind of like the feeling you have as a kid the night before Christmas when you can’t sleep. That is how I feel about some projects I am working on. I can’t wait to share these projects with my family and the world.( Now for those of you reading this who don’t know me yet, when I say ‘family’ it doesn’t always mean my blood family exclusively. It means those of us reading this that can connect and feel what I am saying/writing. As you read this article you can determine if there are ideas, thoughts, and beliefs we can relate to on a spiritual and emotional level. Now this doesn’t mean that we agree on everything which should be understood without me saying but basically if you feel me you feel me. For my international family there may be some cultural differences that might create some communication challenges. If so, then just leave me a comment with your question.)

Ok, now back to my article on Virtual Real Estate.

Currently, I am searching for people with programming, Internet marketing/sales, or website skills to add to the team.  I am also researching more resources and service providers to help facilitate my new projects. I say this here because you never know who maybe reading this and know someone looking for an opportunity to work with good people on something extraordinary. I just believe on putting your goals and desires out in the universe and speaking it into existence. Our words and thoughts are very powerful. So use them wisely.

So, as I am working on my Virtual Real Estate and other projects I keep having a reoccurring thought that I must share with all my peeps. I want you all to be ahead of the curve and succeed. The thought is what I call the ‘New Real-Estate’. As a Real-Estate Investor and Entrepreneur I understand the power and leverage ability of real-estate and its advantages. I just think everyone should have, build, or work on having a prosperous real-estate portfolio. Besides that, what is this ‘New Real-Estate’ Thing all about?

Well as you probably have figured out by now, the ‘New Real-Estate’ is Virtual Real-Estate on the Internet. Some of you may have guess that by now. However, I will also share with you why, how, and what you should do about it.

First, I don’t have to sell you on how powerful the internet or Virtual Real Estate is because you are obviously on it and using it. You can research that later. The best way I can describe why is to compare it to buying a piece of raw land for dirt cheap on the outskirts of an emerging city growing everyday at a rapid pace. Since Real-Estate is largely about location, location, location you want to establish your location sooner rather than later when the pickings are slim and price is high.

So how do you determine what location( Virtual Real Estate ) to buy? It depends on your interest and goals. Some of you have personal interest. Some of you have business interest. The ideas are limitless. You just need to start and move forward. The first place I would start, and this is almost a pet peeve of mine, is to secure your name as your domain name. For example, I reserved my name, “” about 10 years ago. At the time, I did not know what I wanted to do with it. I had no clue what a blog was and I had no website building skills. People ask me all the time, “How did you get the email aislee@aisleedotcom?”And I tell them, “ I just did it.” Now if you have a common name like John Smith then I suggest you stop reading this now and click here to check if your name is available. If your name is not available then you have proven my point on why you want to get it now. However don’t be discouraged. You can add your middle initial or entire middle name such as or You can even get a dot name or dot info instead of a dot com such as or

Ok, now you may be asking, “What do I do now.” The process is pretty simple. First  here is where I go to get my domain names for my Virtual Real Estate. I use They are cheap (about $10 bucks per year), great service, and very well known. If you click on this link and use the Coupon Code ‘PODFD412’ you can get 35% off. The website is pretty simple to navigate. Make sure that after you choose your name and head to checkout, you skip and click ‘no thanks’ to all the extra stuff they offer you unless you know what you are doing and want the extra stuff. Also you can now forward your domain to your facebook page, twitter page, or any website that you may already have.

When you decide to place a website, which is adding value, on  your domain name ( Virtual Real Estate )then I suggest you use Hostgator to host your domain/website. Click here to visit Hostgator and get the latest discounts. Hostgator is cheap with excellent customer service. I call them often when I am trying to do new stuff or use a feature I am not familiar with. They are a little slick by advertising hosting for $4.95/mo. You can get that price only if you pay for a couple of years upfront otherwise it will cost you somewhere around $6.95/mo. This is still an extremely good price. I recommend reviewing their plans to see which one is best for you. I have the middle plan which they call the baby plan because it gives me unlimited domain hosting instead of one.

Now you know how to secure your ‘Virtual-Real Estate’ on the internet.  I suggest you do it now while at the computer. If you found this article of value share it with your family and friends. You can do so easily by clicking the share button or simply posting the link to your Facebook, Twitter, etc…Also you can click on the resources tab above for resources on building your website.

Well we made it to Atlanta safe and sound and its time for me to get at this Turkey. Happy Turkey Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving,

-Aislee – Virtual Real Estate Entrpeneur

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November 17th, 2010

Michael Vick Found Guilty of Killing Redskins!!!

Here is a highlight video of Michael Vick Murdering the Washington Redskins….enjoy


             I think most people wouldn’t agree with what  Michael Vick did with his involvement in dog fighting. However, there are other crimes and unsolved cases I would rank higher on the scale. No matter your view, the man has paid his debt to society and I am amazed at his recovery. I am not surprised though. Sometimes it takes a situation like that for you to realize your blessings.

As a black male there is a subconscious type bond or connection that I can identify with Michael Vick’s comeback. When he succeeds, I feel good. I also feel like it is a blow to or for the struggles I have endured in life as well as the struggles in the stories my father and other family members have shared with me throughout my life. Sometimes it feels like the deck is stacked against us (as black people) and the access to resources to make it is not as readily available as they are for my white brothers and sisters. I am not complaining but just stating what I observe. So when Michael Vick comes back and succeeds against all the doubt and ill-will of the naysayers, all the critics, and all the haters it inspires me tremendously to never give up on your dreams no matter the odds.

To Your Success