Thursday, December 29th, 2011

“Today I Began A New Life”

“Are You a Buyer or a Seller?”

“Today I Began A New Life” from the movie (Baby Boy). This clip is awesome.  I recently noticed this scene only after watching this movie about a million times.  It is off the chain.  It has to be from OG Mandino, the author of ” The Greatest Salesman in the World and his 10 ancient Scrolls of Success. Give me your take on it and leave a comment.

Also pay attention, John Singleton the director has a cameo as the CD salesmans. My wife pointed that out to me.

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One Response

December 29, 2011
Willie Taylor

That’s so true. There are two people in the world no matter what type of business you’re in buyers and sellers exists. A car dealer has to sell a car or be sold on why a person can’t buy, a panhandler has to convince one why he or she should receive an item from someone, and even when trying to meet someone new or get a new job we sell ourselves to convince someone that we are the person they’re looking for. Today I will be a seller. Just want to thank you for the site and keep up the good work to giving the average guy like myself the opportunity to get ahead and not play catch-up any longer!